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Fabrizio Salvador is a Professor of Operations and Technology Management and Adjunct Vice-Rector for Applied Research at IE Business School, IE University. He received his Ph.D in Operations Management from the University of Padova, where he also graduated in Industrial Engineering. Dr. Salvador has also served as a visiting professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Shanghai University and as an adjunct Faculty Research Associate at Arizona State University. He has been included in the prestigious Thinkers50 Radar ranking of management thought leaders.

Dr. Salvador's research lies at the intersection of operations management and strategic human capital management. He pioneered the use of people analytics methodologies to explore how organizations can build flexibility at the individual, team, project and organizational levels, foster performance in knowledge-intensive work, and build resilience in core processes. More recently, Dr. Salvador broadened his focus on human centric operations to include sustainability by investigating the relationship between organizational design practices and employee well-being and fulfillment.

Dr. Salvador has been recognized as a thought leader in the field and has received several awards for his research. His work has been published in top-tier academic journals, including Organization Science, Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, Journal of Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, and Decision Sciences. Dr. Salvador has also held leadership positions in several academic outlets, including serving as the founding Department Editor for the Journal of Operations Management, Senior Editor for Production and Operations Management, and Associate Editor for the Decision Sciences Journal.

In addition to his academic work, Dr. Salvador has collaborated with numerous companies to help them improve operational performance through training, proof of concepts and field experiments. Among these companies are AstraZeneca, DHL, Ernst&Young, IBM, John Deere, Johnson&Johnson, Nokia, Telefonica, Xerox, Tetra Pak, Unilever, CAP Gemini, Sener, Permasteelisa, PriceWaterhousCoopers, and WeCare.

Corporate Experience

Consulting and advising work for AstraZeneca, DHL, Ernst&Young, IBM, John Deere, Nokia, Telefonica, Xerox, Tetra Pak, Unilever, Capgemini, Sener, Permasteelisa, PwC, WeCare, etc.

Academic Experience

• Professor of Operations Management, IE, 2003 - Present

• Adjunct Professor, MIT-Zaragoza Logistics Program, 2006 - Present

• Research Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Center for Transportation and Logistics & MIT Smart Customization Lab), 2006 - Present

• Faculty Research Associate, Arizona State University, 2001 - 2003

Academic Background

• PhD in Operations Management, Universitá di Padova (Italy)

• MS in Engineering and Management, Universitá di Padova (Italy)

Selected Publications

• Momcheva, A., Salvador, F. and M. Avgerinos, M. (2022). "The Effect of Subcontracted Labor Mix on Financial Performance: Evidence from High-Tech Project Teams." Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 24(5): 2722-2740    

Salvador, F., C. Alba, J. P. Madiedo, E. Bendoly and A. Tenhiala et al. (2021). "Project managers' breadth of experience, project complexity, and project performance." Journal of Operations Management 67(6): 729-754            

Salvador, F. and J. P. Madiedo (2021). "Enabling Globally Distributed Projects: Effects of Project Interface Match and Related Technical Experience." Production and Operations Management 30(4): 1052-1081   

• Kumar, S., Narayanan, S. and Salvador, F. et al. (2020). "Innovation in supply networks—A research framework and roadmap." Journal of Operations Management 66(7-8): 754-767

• Madiedo, J. P., F. Salvador and A. Chandrasekaran (2020). "Capturing the Benefits of Worker Specialization: Effects of Managerial and Organizational Task Experience." Production and Operations Management 29(4): 973-994

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