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Fernando Cortiñas Lúquez


Fernando Cortiñas Lúquez



Fernando Cortiñas was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1962.

He studied at the Catholic University in Buenos Aires, where he graduated as Bachelor in Business Administration (with Honors) and CPA in 1986. After his graduation he began to work for a German company, and he moved to live in Germany in 1987. In 1990 he moved to the USA, where he studied his MBA at the Harvard Business School (Boston, MA). Upon completing his studies, he moved to Spain, where he has been living since 1992.

Fernando has developed a very international career, mainly in the telecom industry, occupying several managerial positions in different companies of the Grupo Telefonica between 2000 and 2014 (Research and Planning Director at Via Digital, International Sales Director at Telefonica Soluciones, Head of Government and Health Sector at Telefonica America, Market Development Director at EHealth and Security Unit, Telefonica Digital).

He has also worked as a consultant for McKinsey, and occupied managerial positions in industrial companies in Argentina (Deutsche Babcock Argentina S.A.), Germany (Deutsche Babcock Werke AG) and Spain (Bombas Itur, now Itur-KSB).

In parallel to his professional career as a manager, he has developed an intense teaching activity: Since 1992 he has been Professor at the IE Business School (Madrid), teaching several subjects related to the field of marketing, with a special emphasis in the international, telecom and digital areas. He is also a lecturer and visiting profesor in different Universities in Europe (Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Universidad San Pablo CEU, Universidade de Porto) and America (Universidad Católica de Chile, Universidad Católica Argentina, Universidad Siglo XXI, Universidad de San Andrés in Argentina and Universidad del Externado in Colombia).

Bilingual in Spanish and English, Fernando is also fluent in Portuguese, Italian and German. He holds two nationalities, Spanish and Argentinean.

Corporate Experience

• Board Member, Deutsche Babcock Argentina S.A., Buenos Aires, 1986-1990

• Export Director, Bombas Itur, Zarauz, Spain, 1993-1994

• Market Research and Planning Director, Vía Digital (TVE+Grupo Telefónica), Madrid, Spain 1996-98

• CEO, Solution42 S.L, Madrid, Spain, 1998-2000

• VP Spain+Portugal / CEO Katalyx Catalogs (Telefonica B2B, Grupo Telefonica), Madrid, Spain, 2000-01

• International Sales Director, Telefonica Soluciones (Grupo Telefonica), Madrid, Spain, 2001-03

• Head, Government & Health Sector, Telefonica Empresas América (Grupo Telefonica), 2003-10

• Business Development Director, Telefonica Digital, Ehealth & Security Unit (Grupo Telefonica) 2010-14

Academic Experience

• A. Accounting I and II, Universidad Católica Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1986-90

• Adjunct Professor of Marketing (different subjects), IE Business School, Madrid, Spain, 1992-Present

• Assistant Director, International MBA Program, IE, Madrid, Spain, 1994-96

• Assistant Director, International Relationships, IE, Madrid, Spain, 1994-96

• Visiting Professor, Global Marketing Strategy, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago de Chile, 2014-Present

• Visiting Professor, Sales and Marketing, Universidade de Porto, Porto, Portugal, 2014-Present

• Visiting Professor, International Marketing, Universidad del Externado, Bogotá, Colombia, 2014-17

• Visiting Professor, Global Marketing Strategy, Universidad del Pacífico, Lima, Perú, 2018.

• Professor, Marketing, ENME (Escuela de Negocios del Mediterráneo), Ceuta, Spain, 2010-14

• Professor, Marketing, PIDD, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Madrid, Spain, 2003-09

• Professor, Country Analysis, Escuela Diplomática, Madrid, Spain, 1993-97

Academic Background

• MBA, Harvard Business School, Boston, MA, USA, 1992

• Bachelor in Business Administration, Universidad Católica Argentina (with honours), Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1986

• CPA (Certified Public Accountant), Universidad Católica Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1986