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Fernando Dameto Zaforteza


Fernando Dameto Zaforteza



Prior to joining IE’s Humanities Department in 2010, Fernando Dameto had several professional experiences in the Cultural Sector. His dissertation verses on the Political Economy in the XVIII Century Scientific Expeditions, where he analyzes the use and development of Modern Science with Political, Economic and Commercial purposes. His main area of research is the interaction between Science and Imperialism in the Modern Era. Professor Dameto’s classes focuses on Global History, adopting a thematic approach to study diversity and integration of societies. In his free time, he enjoys reading travel literature, attending contemporary art exhibitions and above all getting on a bicycle to explore new places.

Corporate Experience

  • Executive Director of Development, IE Arts and Humanities Division, Spain, 2019-Present
  • Executive Director, IE Humanities Center, Spain, 2010-2019
  • Assistant, Sotheby’s, Spain, 2009-2009
  • Events Supervisor, CaixaForum, Spain 2008-2008
  • Art Promoter, Franco Maria Ricci, Spain 2007-2007

Academic Experience

  • Adjunct Professor of Humanities, IE University, Spain, 2015-Present

Academic Background

  • D. Candidate in Modern History, Universidad San Pablo-CEU, Spain, 2021
  • Master in International Management, IE Business School, Spain, 2010
  • Bachelor in Humanities, Universidad San-Pablo CEU, Spain, 2006