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Fernando Sánchez Suárez


Fernando Sánchez Suárez



Professor Sánchez Suárez has over 30 years of experience, having held diverse management positions in Spanish and multinational companies. For two decades he was general director and CEO in Spain, Portugal and North Africa of the French multinational group RCL, in the food sector. He later joined the PANZINI group, recently acquired by Spanish group EBRO-PULEVA. In 1997 he came to Instituto de Empresa as a full-time professor of marketing.

He is an expert in Channel Management, Retail, Strategic Marketing and Production/Distribution Relations. He was a member of the Spanish Ministry of Economy’s Distribution Observatory from 2000 to 2004. In his own words: “I regularly speak at major sectorial forums and congresses, both national and international, and I have advised firms like Grupo EROSKI, CEPSA and ANTENA 3 TV.”

During his extensive professional career professor Sánchez has received several awards and honour´s in which stands out a University Award, in 1981 he was named “Entrepreneur of the Future” by the journal Actualidad Económica. He also holds the ASTER award for professional advancement, awarded by ESIC.

Academic Background

• Top Management Programme (PAD), IE-London Business School

• Postgraduate  International Marketing Programme, Florida Atlantic University

• Postgraduate in Business Planning and Administration and Foreign Trade, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

• Degree in Agronomous Engineering, (speciality: Economy and Commercialization) Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

• Degree in Sales and Marketing Management, ESIC, Madrid

• Graduate in Agronomous Law, Ministry of Fisheries and Food

• During his professional career he has participated in several International Internal Training Programs, especially in France, about themes related with Top Management, International Marketing and Industrial Organization

Professional Background

• 1997 - Present: Director of the Centre for Innovation in the Production-Distribution Sector. IE, Madrid

• 2003 - Present: Associate Director of IE

• 2003 - Present: Director of Corporative Development in Executive Education, Distribution and Consume Sectors, IE

• 2001 - 2004: Director of Specialised Masters Programmes

• 1977 - 1997: General Director and CEO in Spain, Portugal and North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Mauritania) of the French multinational group RCL

• 1985 - 1992: President of ARROCEX, (Arrocerías Extremeñas, S.A.) participating by the Group RCL and the National Company SODIEX (Society for a Industrial Development of Extremadura)

• 1985 - 1992: Vice-President of AEFPA (Spanish Association of Manufactures of Alimentary Pastes) as representative of the sector in the presence of MAPA (Ministry of Fisheries and Food), Ministry of the Economy FIAB (Federation of Food and Beverage Industry) and European Union’s Organizations in Brussels for a management and negotiation of issues related to agroalimentary and special issues of this sector.

• 1975 - 1977: Adviser-General Director of SAPROAL (Anonymous Society of Alimentary Products)

• 1974 - 1980: President of Instituto para el Desarrollo Empresarial (IDEM)

• 1972 - 1975: Sales and Expansion Manager, Grupo IFA (SPAIN) and General Director of the subsidiary IFA-CASH

• 1968 - 1972: Product Manager, Adjunct to the marketing management team, and subsequently Director of Sales, Marketing and Expansion of the chain of this Netherlands based firm, VIVO ESPAÑOLA SA

• 1967 - 1968: Government Employee destined to General Technical Secretary of Ministry of Fisheries and Food

Teaching and Research Experience

• 1973 - Present: Professor of Sales Management & Marketing. IE, Madrid