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Francesca Arici


Francesca Arici


Architecture & Design

Professor Francesca Arici is an architect (IUAV, Venice, 1999), urban designer (Harvard GSD, 2005) and urban planner (University of Palermo, 2010). Her interests focus on the understanding the role of landscape and infrastructures in the contemporary urban environment. Her Ph.D. research was concentrated on the spatial implications of waste management. After graduation she worked as an architect in different European offices such as Aldrea Milan (IT) and City Architects in Dublin (IE). In 2005 she obtained her MAUD from Harvard GSD, where she attended with a Fulbright Scholarship. Since then she has regularly exercised teaching (Harvard University-Career Discovery Program, Palermo University, Alghero University) and she is currently associate professor in Urban Culture at IE. Over the past years she has obtained prizes and mentions in international competitions, and she is also a professional in Palermo with Arici Associati.