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Gonzalo Garland


Gonzalo Garland


Economic Policy


As well as teaching the core course on Economic Environment, an elective course on Business in Developing Countries and several short courses and conferences in the executive education division, Gonzalo Garland also finds time to carry out the administrative responsibilities required of him in his role as director of external relations at IE.

But teaching - which he says he first experienced at the age of 17 - is in his blood and he remains passionate about it. “Teaching is crucial,” he says. “I like transmitting knowledge and being able to explain things that at first might seem difficult for people. But when they suddenly understand what you’re talking about and see the relevance, it’s very gratifying”.

In the field of macroeconomics, Prof Garland has conducted research into the economic effects of demographic changes and he is also an expert on financial crises.  And with his specialist knowledge of the economics of developing countries such as China, India, Brazil and Mexico, Prof Garland's expertise is much in demand, as MBA students look for business education programmes that have an increasingly international flavour.

“Everyone wants a more global vision,” he says. “And the fact that 85 per cent of students in the international MBA at IE are from outside Spain makes the classes fascinating because often, what you’re talking about is something that people are relating to the situation in their own countries”.

Academic Background

• PhD Candidate in Economics. University of Pennsylvania, USA

• MA in Economics. Stanford University, USA

• Degree in Economics. Universidad del Pacífico, Lima (Peru)

Academic Experience

• 2004 - Present: Director of External Relations, IE

• 1994 - Present: Professor of Economic Environment, IE

• 1994 - Present: Professor of Business in Emerging Markets, IE

• 2000 - 2004: Director of International Relations, IE

• 1996 - 2000: Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, IE

• 1991 - 1994: Research Assistant to Professors Albert Ando and Lawrence Klein. University de Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (USA)

• 1984 - 1989: Research Associate, former Executive Director and Member of the Board of Directors. Development Analysis Group, Lima (Peru)

• 1984 - 1989: Professor of Economics. Universidad del Pacífico, Lima (Peru)

Corporate Experience

• 1989: Consultant, Prepared forecasts on employment and industrial production growth. Macroconsult, Lima (Peru)

• 1988: Member of the Board of Directors. Banco Industrial, Lima (Peru)

• 1987 - 1989: Consultant. UNESCO, Caracas (Venezuela)

• 1980 - 1982: Assistant Manager of Planning, Insurance and Control. Richard O. Custer S.A., Lima (Peru)