Goretti González

Goretti González is Assistant Professor of Early Modern Literature at IE University. Her research centers on early modern global Spanish and Italian cultural and literary production. Much of Dr. González’s work investigates cultural mobility in the form of contact zones where cultural goods are bartered and the go-betweens who facilitate these exchanges- writers, translators, printers, editors, and other intermediaries. Her current project focuses on cultural mobility in the study of early modern Spanish, Italian, and “New World” polyglot or multilingual texts. Dr. González’s research has been supported by Harvard’s Villa Itatti and the European Research Group: Europe in the World: A Literary History, 1529-1683. Her work has been showcased at the international Hay Festival and in El Confidencial.


• Assistant Professor, IE University, Spain 2022 - Present 

• Adjunct Professor, IE University, Spain 2016 - 2022

• Visiting Professor, Complutense University, Spain 2012 - 2016

• Teaching Fellow, Harvard University, USA 2009 - 2012

•Teaching Fellow, UCLA, USA 2006 - 2008


• Ph.D. in Early Modern Literature, Harvard University, USA, 2016

• M.A. in Romance Languages and Literature, Harvard University, USA, 2009 

• M.A. in Hispanic Languages and Literature, UCLA, USA, 2008

• B.A. in Foreign Languages and Literatures, Scripps College, USA

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