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Ignacio Urrutia de Hoyos


Ignacio Urrutia de Hoyos



Professor Ignacio Urrutia has taught at IE Business School, IESE Business School (ES) and Carlos III University (ES).
Prior to his incorporation at IE University, he held the position of Dean of the School of Social Sciences at Nebrija University. In addition to his educational career, he is a consultant in the area of information systems and management Control. His areas of research focus predominantly on decision-making and economic information within the company. Most notable is his research on the management of health care institutions and systems of accounting information in collaboration with Professors Marvin Gonzalez y Quesada which resulted in the publication of the article: “Building an Activity Based Costing Hospital Model Using Quality Function Deployment and Benchmarking”. The article went on to win the Emeral Literati Network Publisher’s Outstanding Paper Award for best article published in “Benchmarking: An International Journal”. In addition to this, his interest in the improvement of managerial efficiency led him to write the book Crisis: 10 Mistakes in the Reduction of Costs, published by Netbiblo. Alongside Healthcare, Professor Urrutia has also focused on the areas of management entities in sports and entertainment, creating during his time at IESE the Sport Business Management Center. Along with teaching materials developed in the form of cases, he is the co-author of the book International Cases in the Business of Sport, edited by Elsevier, Reconstrucción organizativa: el método Juande Ramos edited by Netbiblo, and Create value and Sport Management edited by Cambridge University Press.