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Inmaculada Puig-Simon


Inmaculada Puig-Simon


Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour

Professor Imma Puig-Simon is a political scientist with 25+ years of professional experience, with a solid international and academic background gained through working and studying in several countries in Europe, North America and Africa.

Devoted to improve private sector growth in a sustainable and responsible manner as well as to reinforce public sector goals, through better public policy design and integrative dialogue. Following her passion, she focused most of her professional career as a public affairs and strategy advisor to an extensive variety of public and private institutions, such as the Spanish Prime Minister’s Office, the Spanish Minister of Industry, Tourism and Trade, the United Nations, or the London Stock Exchange Group. Additionally, she pursued her academic vocation, teaching different topics in several Universities and Business Schools, and conducted research in some of the most prestigious international research institutions, such as the London School of Economics and the Max Planck Society. She also published several articles and participated as a keynote speaker or panellist in a big array of international conferences and forums.

She is currently working as a public affairs and strategy specialist and teaches at IE Business School and IE University. In her spare time, she makes room for writing and cooperating with social impact projects.

Main topics of interest: public affairs, public policy, influence, negotiation and mediation.

Corporate Experience

• General Manager, Ipslink Group, Spain, 2012 – Present.

• Resident Representative for Spain and Portugal, ELITE-London Stock Exchange, Spain, 2017-2019.

• Senior Strategy and Public Affairs Advisor, MC Publishing, Ghana, 2013-2015.

• Member of the Board, SEGIPSA, España, 2008-2012.

• Senior Policy Advisor, Prime Minister’s Office, Spain, 2007-2011.

• Member of the Board, SEIASA, Spain, 2007-2008.

• Senior Policy Advisor, Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, Spain, 2004-2007

Academic Experience

• Adjunct Professor, Political Science, IE University, Spain, 2014-Present

• Adjunct Professor, Negotiation, IE Business School, Spain, 2012-Present

• Adjunct Professor, Public Policy and Management, Complutense University, Spain, 2010-2011.

• Adjunct Professor, Financial Studies Centre, Spain, 2003-2005.

• Adjunct Professor, Political Science and Policy, Pompeu Fabra University, Spain, 2000-2004.

• Visiting Research Scholar, London School of Economics & Political Science, United Kingdom, 2003-2004.

• Visiting Research Scholar, Max Plank Society, Germany, 2002.

Academic Background

• Mid-career MPA, SIPA – Columbia University, United States, 2006.

• M.Phil. in Political and Social Sciences (PhD Program), Pompeu Fabra University, Spain, 2004.

• Postgraduate in Political Communication and Strategy, UAB-ICPS, Spain, 2001.

• BA in Political and Management Sciences, Pompeu Fabra University, Spain, 2000.

• Executive education from: IESE Business School, Spain,2009; College of National Defence Studies, Spain, 2009; and Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Spain, 2008.