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Juan Santaló


Juan Santaló



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For Juan Santaló, the MBA classroom and the research seminars are fertile grounds for the emergence of fresh thoughts on business and economics. “I love the teaching”, he says. “As an academic, you like to discuss your ideas and the MBA class is an opportunity for lots of discussion. It’s true that the professor moderates the discussion, but you always see new ideas coming through, particularly in the international MBA, where there’s a tremendous diversity of students”.

When it comes to research, Prof Santaló has focused on the intersection between Corporate Governance and Corporate Strategy. For example, Prof Santaló has studied under what specific industry conditions corporate diversification creates or destroys shareholder’s value. He has also investigated how different corporate governance mechanisms like the composition of the board of directors or the market of corporate control substitute or complement each other to alleviate the traditional agency problem in corporations.

More recently, Prof Santaló has explored in depth the connections between Antitrust or Competition Policy and Business Strategy. This ongoing research is being done under the umbrella of the newly created Observatory of Competition Policy at the IE. His latest research line looks at environmental management problems. In this area, Prof Santaló has analysed the relationship between corporate governance and firm environmental performance. “We observe that when corporate governance is lax, managers tend to be lazier and so they are also lazy when it comes to environmental management”, he explains.

Academic Background

• Colloquium for Participant-Centered Learning (CPCL) in Harvard Business School, 2004

• PhD in Economics, University of Chicago, USA, 2002

• Masters in Economics, University of Chicago, USA, 1998

• Masters in Economics, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain, 1996

• BSc in Economics, University of Barcelona, Spain, 1995

Academic Experience

• Professor of Strategic Management, IE Business School, 2002 to present

• Visiting Professor, Bocconi University, 2013-2014

• Chair, Strategy Department, IE Business School, 2008 to 2013

• Director of the Observatory on Competition Policy of IE Business School, 2007 to 2009

• Assistant Director of the Observatory on Competition Policy of IE Business School since 2004 until 2007

• Coordinator of Research Seminars, IE Business School, 2003 to 2005

• Visiting Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Business University of Chicago, summer 2003

• Lecturer, University of Chicago, USA, 1999 to 2001

• Teaching Assistant, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain, 1995 to 1997

Latest Publications

• Santaló, J., Morandi, R., Fosfuri, A. (2021). “A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush: Technology Search Strategies and Competition Due to Import Penetration”. Strategic Management Journal

• Giarratana, M., Pasquini, M., Santaló, J. (2021). “Leveraging Synergies versus Resource Redeployment: Sales Growth and Variance in Product Portfolios of Diversified Firms”. Strategic Management Journal

• Diestre, L., Barber IV, B., Santaló, J. (2020). “The Friday Effect: FDA Drug Safety Alert (In)Effectiveness and Firm Lobbying”. Management Science, Vol. 66 (8): 3295-3798

• Santaló, J., Becerra, M., Markarian, G. (2020). “The effect of import competition on product diversification revisited”. Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 41 (11): 2126-2152

• Morandi, R., Santaló, J., Giarratana, M. (2020). “Product-Market Competition and Resource Redeployment in Multi-Business Firm”. Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 41 (10): 1799-1836

• Diestre, L., Santaló, J. (2020). “Why do firms suffer differently from input stigmatization? The costs of removing stigmatized inputs”. Organization Science, Vol. 31 (1): 47-66

• Giarratana, M., Santaló, J. (2020). “Transaction Costs in Resource Redeployment for Multi-Niche Firms”. Organization Science, Vol. 31 (5): 1053-1312

• Talavalei, M., Santaló, J. (2019). “Pure versus Hybrid Competitive Strategies in the Airport Industry”. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, Vol. 124 (): 444-455

• Cennamo, C., Santaló, J. (2019). “Generativity tension and value creation in platform ecosystems”. Organization Science, Vol. 30 (3): 617-641

• Moschieri, C., Santaló, J. (2019). “The Impact of Research Performance on Students’ Evaluations of Strategy Professors in Business Schools”. Academy of Management Learning & Education, Vol. 17 (3): 302-321