Kelly Nault

Kelly Nault is an Assistant Professor of Human Resources and Organizational Behavior at IE. Kelly’s research examines status attainment in social groups. Specifically, she studies (1) how individuals behave in ways that help them attain social status and (2) how observers’ expectations and stereotypes lead to status conferral on individuals. Kelly’s research has been published in academic journals such as the Academy of Management Annals and Current Opinion in Psychology, and she is the recipient of the Academy of Management Annals Best Paper Award (2020) and the American Psychological Association Dissertation Research Award (2021).

Kelly teaches Organizational Behavior in the BBA program at IE.

Academic Background

• Ph.D. in Management, INSEAD, Singapore, 2022

• M.Sc. in Management, INSEAD, Singapore, 2022

• B.A. in Psychology (with Honors), American University of Paris, France, 2014

Academic Experience

• Assistant Professor of Human Resources and Organizational Behavior, IE Business School, Spain, 2022 - Present


Nault, K. A., Thau, S. (2022). “Professions, Honesty, and Income”. Current Opinion in Psychology, Vol. 47

Nault, K. A., Pitesa, M., Thau, S. (2020). “The Attractiveness Advantage at Work: A Cross-Disciplinary Integrative Review”. Academy of Management Annals, Vol. 14(2): 1103-1139

Nault, K. A., Rogers, B. A., Sezer, O., Klein, N. (2020). “Behavioral Insights for Minimizing Loneliness During the COVID-19 Pandemic”. Behavioural Science & Policy, Vol. 6(2): 137-143

• Jackson, B., Nault, K. A., Smart Richman, L., LaBelle, O., Rohleder, N.  (2017). “Does that Pose Become You? Testing the Effect of Body Postures on Self-Concept”. Comprehensive Results in Social Psychology, Vol. 2(1): 81-105

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