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Lucía Ferreiro Prado


Lucía Ferreiro Prado


Adjunct Professor


International Relations


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Lucía Ferreiro holds a PhD in International Relations (2011) from Rey Juan Carlos University, where she also received an Advanced Studies Diploma in Prevention and Analysis of Terrorism (2008). Her research emphasizes culture in International Relations, political participation of Muslims in Spain and EU democracy promotion in Tunisia. In 2014, Dykinson published Spanish and Moroccans living together. The impact of migrations in intercultural relations (in Spanish) based on her dissertation. During 2014, Professor Ferreiro, conducted a research on EU democracy promotion in Tunisia being a visiting scholar in several universities and research centers: SOAS (London), CEMAT (Tunisia) and a Carnegie visiting scholar at Northeastern University (Boston). The results are to be published in Mediterranean Politics (forthcoming). Currently, her research is focused on Muslim political participation in Spain through a research project financed by the Spanish Ministry of Education at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

In addition to her academic experience in the IR field, she works as an international electoral observer for OSCE and OAS. She has been a short term observer for OSCE in Albania (2017), Kazakhstan (2015), Montenegro (2009), Kyrgyzstan (2007) and for OAS in the Dominican Republic (2010) and Colombia (2011).

On September 2015, Professor Ferreiro started Cum Laude School, a company that provides university-level courses to high achieving high-school students.