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Luis Ortego Castañeda


Luis Ortego Castañeda


Socio Ortego y Cameno Abogados S.L.P.


Comparative Private and Business Law

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Luis has represented clients in complex litigations, of great transcendence, before Spanish courts and in different Arbitration Courts.

Due to his training in mergers and purchases, company purchase-sale and private equity, he has managed company restructuring processes while assessing the analysis and determining the measures to be taken in cases of company crisis and insolvency.

In January of 2009, Luis created his own firm as founding partner, the professional office Ortego & Cameno Abogados. He is a Bankruptcy Administrator belonging to the Illustrious Collegiate of Attorneys of Madrid. He has 20 years of professional experience as an attorney. Since 1994 until January of 2009, he has worked in national and international firms of the highest category, becoming partner.
Luis is a specialist in Procedural Law, both civil and commercial, Arbitration, Company and Bankruptcy Law.

Academic background:

  • LLM, IE Law School
  • Graduate in Law, University of Valladolid


Coauthor of the book ""The Franchise"", published by Aranzadi (2015).
Several publications and conferences in various media and forums.