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Michael Roe


Michael Roe


Communication, Media & Marketing

Mike Roe is a career market research practitioner & trainer. He joined Research International (RI) , now Kantar the world’s largest custom research organisation, in London after gaining an MA in Experimental Psychology at Cambridge University.  He is now an independent trainer/consultant.

During his career Mike conducted market research projects for major multinational clients all over the world.  He also spent a period as Market Research Manager in Unilever.  He was the founder of Research International Greece and then sequentially Chairman of RI Netherlands and Belgium. Between these assignments, he was a Main Board member at RI UK, where his responsibilities included training programs for staff and clients.

Mike has presented papers at ESOMAR conferences and seminars in Europe, the U.S. and Japan.  A trainer for the UK & Dutch Market Research Societies, he lectures regularly at University Business Schools. His unique ‘microlaunch’ training simulation won the 2018 MRS Award & has been used in 35 countries by companies and research agencies.

He is author of the textbook “Market Research in Action” published by Thomson (ISBN 1-86152-938-4) which offers an introductory, practical, case study-based approach.

Corporate Experience

From 1966 – 2000

• Marketing Research Executive ending as Board Director, Kantar Research International, UK

• Chairman, Kantar RI Greece (1971/4), Netherlands (1979/84), Belgium (1995 -2000)

• Market Research Manager, Unilever UK, 1970

Academic Experience

From 2000

Marketing Insights Trainer, in 35 countries for:

• Market research agencies (e.g. IMRB, TNS, SKIM, etc.)

• Multi National Companys (e.g. Shell, BAT, TetraPak, Heineken, etc.)

• Business Schools (IE, IMD, Edinburgh, Manchester, Wisconsin, St. Gallen, IESA, etc.)

Academic Background

• MA in Experimental Psychology from Cambridge University in 1966

• Creator of ‘microlaunch’ interactive market research training simulation

• Elected Fellow of the UK Market Research Society in 2018