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Miguel Fernández


Miguel Fernández


Marketing Director of La Casita de Wendy


Architecture and Design

Based in Madrid, Miguel Fernández de Molina is the marketing director of fashion design company “La Casita de Wendy”. He has a degree in Sociology (Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, 1997) and a Master in Communication (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, 2013).

He has always been very interested in fashion, consumer culture, innovation, and social change and this led him to the field of coolhunting and future studies in which he has specialized.

He is currently serving as guest professor and speaker in several universities and organizations.

He is the editor of the coolhunting blog miguel-weaksignals and also has a career as an artist under the pseudonym of Miguel Cococrash exhibiting his work at very iconic Espacio Valverde gallery in Madrid.