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Néstor Miranda


Néstor Miranda



Specialized in Strategic Management, Strategic Foresight and Digital Business Models. The best letter of introduction to Professor Néstor Miranda is his long experience as Strategy Consultant, Technology Entrepreneur and General Manager in the Software Industry where he was Marketing Director for Souther Europe and the head of Borland Software Corporation Iberica as General Manager. “I have informed the definition of the international strategy of the company and in its implementation in the geographical area of Southern Europe. I have had the enormous luck of being able to collaborate directly with the founder of the company and with successive CEO’s in the definition and strategic implementation of several lines of business as well as in transformation of the structure of organization” explains professor Miranda, who combines a managing and academic profile.

His investigation activity is focused on analyzing the impact and the transformation potential of technology  in organizations and the ways in which these can take advantage of the opportunities that new digital business models are opening to new and long established player. “Technology  is no longer considered as a cost centre, but rather as a strategic asset. Digital Technologies are becoming tools to generate competitive advantage, compete in global markets, transform the structure of the organization and to take advantage of the internal core competences and external opportunities”.

Corporate Experience

• 1987 – 1990. Marketing Director Ashton-Tate Corporation

• 1995 – 1997. General Manager Starfish Software Corporation Ibérica

• 1995 – 2002. Founder and General Manager SoftMate Software and Consulting

• 1993 – 1995. Marketing Director  Borland Europe – Paris - France

• 1992 – 1995; 2002 – 2006. General Manager Borland Spain

• 2006 onwards – Founder and Managing Partner – Cyrcom Consulting

• 2015 onwards – Founder and Senior Consultant – PRG Group

Academic Experience

 • 1990-2003  Adjunt Professor of Innovation and Technology – IE Business School

• 2003-onwards – Adjunt Professor of Strategy – IE Business School

Academic Background

• International MBA – IE Business School

• International Strategy Diploma – London Business School

• PDG – IESE Business School

• License Degree in Law – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid