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Patricia Gabaldón Quiñones

Patricia Gabaldón is currently Associate Professor of Economic Environment at IE Business School where she teaches applied economics and country economic analysis. She obtained a PhD in economics from University of Alcala, Spain and she was visiting fellow at Harvard University.

Professor Gabaldón’s research combines sociology and economics to understand gender issues and to help different company’s stakeholders to improve their decision-making. Among other topics, she investigates the role of media on appointing female directors, or the role in economic development of female entrepreneurs. She also studies the impact of economic business cycles on gender quotas on boards and on top management positions and its effects on the economy and society. Last but not least, her current research seeks ways to promote sustainable behavior among corporations, including gender mainstreaming and the effect on sustainable economic growth. Her research has also been published in numerous book chapters and articles in academic journals such as the Journal of Business Ethics, Corporate Governance: an International Review, or the European Management Journal, among others.

Professor Gabaldón has collaborated with multilateral and global institutions and she is frequently sought out by the media. She has also created with great success some multimedia cases to be used in class by MBA students.

Academic Background

• PhD, Economics and Business, Universidad de Alcalá (España)

• BA, Economics, Universidad de Alcalá (España)

Academic and Research Experience

• Associate Professor of Economic Environment and Country Analysis, at IE University, (2018 - present)

• Assistant Professor of Economic Environment and Country Analysis, at IE University, (2008 - 2018)

• Visiting Research Scholar, Harvard University, USA (2012)

• Research Director, IE Business School (2008 - 2011)

• Research Coordinator / Researcher. Areas include consumer behaviour, leisure, tourism and family. Instituto Universitario de Análisis Económico y Social, University of Alcalá

Latest Publications

• Gimeno, R., Grau, P., Gabaldón, P. (2021). “Shades of power: Network links with gender quotas and corporate governance codes”. British Journal of Management

• Garcia-Lomas, I., Gabaldón, P. (2021). “Gender – from variable to lens in social enterprises: a literature review and research agenda for women involvement in social Ventures”. Journal of Social Entrepreneurship

• Alvarez de Mon, I., Gabaldón, P., Nuñez, M. (2021). “Social Entrepeneurs: Making snse of tensions through tthe Application of Hybird Organizations' alternantive strategies”. International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal

• Grau, P., Mateo, R., Gimeno, R., Olmedo, E., Gabaldón, P. (2020). “Networks of boards of directors: Is the “Golden Skirts" only an illusion?”. Nonlinear Dynamics, Psychology, and Life Sciences, Vol. 24 (2): 215-231

Last Name
Gabaldón Quiñones