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Pilar Rojo


Pilar Rojo


Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour

Professor Pilar Rojo has been teaching organizational behaviour and management skills in master and executive education programmes at IE for more than twenty years. She has combined her teaching with intense research work focused on the measurement of human resources and their impact on bottom-line results. In her own words: “ If you measure the return on monetary investment, you should also measure the return on investment in human resources. Measuring is not difficult. The interesting part is to establish correlations among these indices and bottom-line results”. Professor Rojo has worked with 130 firms to develop 150 indices.

Professor Rojo set up the IE Human Resource Benchmarking Centre in 2003, where she has discovered, among other things, that firms that invest more in training have higher operating profits. For the last three years she has combined this specialization with a study of coaching. “I tackle it as if it were a facet of leadership, a possibility to help others to achieve their maximum potential. This approach entails a very Socratic approach, that could be summarized in the old adage: Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach him to fish and he’ll eat for the rest of his life”.

Professor Rojo holds an MBA from Instituto de Empresa and a Diploma in International Strategy from London Business School. In addition to her teaching and research work she does consulting work for several firms in the field of coaching and management skills. Furthermore she has published numerous case studies and teaching notes in journals specialised in human resource management, and she regularly contributes to different Spanish media agencies.

Academic  Background

• Executive Coach ECC and ACTP, International Coach Federation

• PhD Candidate in Psychology, Universidad Complutense de Madrid


• Diploma in Finance Management, IE

• Degree in Psychology, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

• Diploma in International Strategy, London Business School

Professional Background

• 2003 - Present: Director of Human Resource Benchmarking Club, IE

• 1993 - Present: Director of Master in Human Resource Management, IE

• Present: Consultant in the field of coaching and management skills development

• 1988 - 1999: Director of the Academic Area of Human Resources at Instituto de Empresa

• 1988 - 1993: Director of the MBA Programme, IE

• 1984 - 1988: Director of Academic Affairs, IE

• 1985 - 1993: Director of Admissions, IE

• 1983 - 1984: Director of International Conferences, IE

• 1982 - 1983: Assistant Director of Admissions and Marketing, IE

Teaching and Research Experience

• 1983 - Present: Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Management Skills in the different master and executive education programmes at IE (1983 – present)


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