Regina Llamas

Regina Llamas holds a BA from Beijing University, an MA in Regional Studies East Asia (Harvard University), and a PhD in East Asian Languages and Cultures (Harvard University). Her earlier work, both in English and Spanish, focused on southern Chinese drama, dramatic historiography, modern ethnography and dramatic performance, and the later Qing commentarial dramatic tradition. She is currently working on a monograph on the historiography of Chinese drama and how the discipline was formed. She is the author of Top Graduate Zhang Xie: The Earliest Extant Chinese Southern Play, and co-editor with Patricia Sieber (Ohio State University) of How to Read Chinese Drama: A Guided Anthology. She has also published a  number of papers on subjects related to the above interests. 

She is interested in Chinese History, Chinese Literature and Drama, and the Chinese History of Entertainment, and teaches courses on these subjects. 


• Associate Professor in the Humanities, IE University, Spain, 2018 – Present 

• Lecturer, East Asian Languages and Cultures, Stanford University, USA, 2012 – 2018 

• BICC Research Fellow in Language and Literature, Center for East Asian Studies, University of Bristol, 2005 – 2011 


• Ph.D. East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University, 1998 

• M.A. in Regional Studies East Asia, Harvard University, 1991 

• B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature. Peking University, Department of Chinese, 1986 


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