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Sandra Becker


Sandra Becker


Data Science & Technology

Professional Experience

I would describe myself as a visual analyst and passionate researcher with more than 10 years of experience in designing statistical models and analytical solutions for clients in Germany, UK and Spain. I am always driven to understand and transmit the complexity of our world. My favourite questions are “WHY”, “HOW” and “WHY NOT”.


• Professor – Data Visualiation – Universidad Europea

• Teacher – Data Visualization – NEOLAND

• Teacher – Data Visualization – MBIT SChool

• Teacher – Blockchain España

• Profesor – Data Visualization – IE Business School

• Founder – Meetup Cryptoeconomics Madrid

• Founder/Co-Organizador – EthereumMadrid

• Big Data Visualization – Synergic Partners

• Modeling Analyst – Ninah Consulting

• Consultora Senior – Hamilton Intelligence

• Manager Analytics & ROI Germany/Düsseldorf – MEC

• Analyst – Analytics UK/London – Hall & Partners

• Analyst – Consumer Panel Services Spain/Madrid – Nielsen

• Analyst – Consumer Panel Services Germany/Frankfurt – Nielsen

• Diplomandin Consumer Panel Services Germany/Frankfurt – Nielsen

• Analyst Assistant Consumer Panel Services Germany/Frankfurt – Nielsen

• Intern – Quantativ Market Research Germany/Cologne – YouGovPsychonomics AG


• Master degree in Business and Economic Studies – FernuniversitÄt Hagen

Data Viz

As a professor and teacher for data visualisation at various schools as well as the Universidad Europea, I focus on new possibilities to explore and represent data, especially using open source software like D3.js and CARTO with the objective to transmit high quality knowledge combined with enjoyment. As a Speaker at Hackathons like PyCon CZ and Hack2Progress I enjoy transmitting my passion about the topic as well as getting in touch with the developer community.


In 2015 I came to the realisation of the importance of decentralisation. Shortly after that I discovered Ethereum and its potential. Since then I have found myself deep in the “rabbit-hole” of the crypto-world. In March 2016 I founded EthereumMadrid to better understand the possibilities of the decentralised technology. In 2017 I started teaching the idea and concepts behind Bitcoin and Ethereum for various education programs as well as for the Master of Collaborative Economy at the University Sergio Arboleada. At the moment I’m mainly focusing on cryptoeconomics.