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Tomás Conde


Tomás Conde



Tomás Conde has worked at BBVA for 25 years where he held numerous management positions in different countries. He was its director of sustainability for 11 years. From 2014-2016 and as a BBVA secondee he created the digital financial inclusion unit at the IIF (Institute of International Finance) in Washington DC.

He is currently director of ESG&Sustainable Finance at Grupo N’s financial and risk consultancy and ESG senior advisor at AERI (Spanish Association for Investor Relations). He is also an ambassador for the IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Council) and has been senior advisor for sustainability at LLYC from 2019-2021. He is a member of Spainsif and AECA. He is a trustee of the Fundación Compromiso y Transparencia. Tomás holds a degree in economics from the University of Valladolid and a master’s degree in engineering and environmental management from the Escuela de Organización Industrial and PDG from IESE. He holds an ESG certificate from EFFAS.

He teaches ESG& Sustainable Finance at Instituto de Empresa IE and Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles IEB as well as at Instituto BME in the advanced course on investor relations. He teaches at the Inditex Chair of Sustainability at the UDC in Coruña.

Corporate Experience

• ESG & Sustainable Finance director at the finance&risk consultancy NFQ (from sept 2021)

• Sustainability senior advisor at LLYC (from April 2018-August 2021)

• ESG senior advisor at the Spanish Assciation for Investor Relations (from June 2018)

• IIRC International Integrated Reporting Council ambassador (from June 2018)

• BBVA, 25 years (11 as the first sustainability director)

• IIF, Washington DC. Digital Financial Inclusion (as BBVA secondee) 2015 – 2017

Academic Experience

• IE, ESG and sustainability adjunct professor from 2013

• BME, ESG and sustainability professor from 2015

• IEB, ESG and sustainability professor from 2020

• Inditex Chair of sustainability professor from 2013

Academic Background

• Degree in Economics from the Univertisty of Valladolid 1992

• Master degree in auditing, 1993, Univ. Autónoma de Madrid 1993

• PDG IESE in 2000

• Master degree In engineering and environmental management from the EOI, Madrid 2003

• Mobile money certificate 2016, Tufts Univ, Boston, USA