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Yazan Hijazi


Yazan Hijazi


Behavior & Talent

Professional experience

Dr. Yazan Hijazi holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering with extensive experience leading multimillion-dollar projects resulting in propriety technologies for the US Air Force, Seagate Technologies, and the US Nuclear Safety Agency. He has been honored by the US government as an expat with extraordinary abilities for his work in developing innovative applications in the fields of Nano-technology & Superconductivity.

Over the course of 20 years Dr. Hijazi has worked in the role of scientist, professor, executive director and consultant across several industries from academia to financial services, and has been part of several successful technology start-ups. His expertise converges at the intersection of technology, business innovation & leadership. His passion and mission is to support individuals illuminate their greatness, and to help organizations sustain competitive advantage and operationalize excellence by becoming more innovative and by activating the Human Element.

He is a certified NLP practitioner and regularly advises and trains professionals and executives in Design Thinking, High Performance Leadership, Cultural Transformation and Innovation Capacity Building.

Dr. Hijazi lived in five countries and speaks Arabic, English, Spanish and Italian fluently.