A unique learning environment

The essence of IE University is built upon the bringing together of a personalized, student-centered community, within an environment that is open to the world and embraces a rich diversity of individuals, ideas and approaches.


IE University offers a unique learning environment which fosters the exchange of ideas and facilitates a global vision. Our students and faculty come from around the world and bring a diversity of perspectives and experiences. Our student body represents over 130 different countries, with over 70% of our students coming from outside of Spain. We are committed to the development of global citizens who are adaptable to different environments, open to the world and prepared professionally and personally for an international vocation.


IE University takes a student-centered approach to education. You will be welcomed into a supportive academic and social community where your unique value is recognized and can flourish. Professors have daily interaction with students and teach in accordance with their needs and interests. Throughout your studies at IE University, you will benefit from the guidance of mentors, tutors and advisors, allowing you to live a truly personalized experience.

Through the looking glass: An interview with IEU Rector Salvador Carmona

As Rector of IE University, Salvador Carmona maintains his focus on what makes this innovative institution stand out: top graduate employability, an international student body, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

“What this university strives to do is to anticipate the way the next generation is going to think, so that when our graduates go out into the world, they will not be thinking like their own generation, but like the generation that comes after them” – Salvador Carmona – Rector of IE University

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