Our Pillars

In order to fulfill its commitments to students, faculty, alumni, and society, IE University builds upon its key pillars of innovation, entrepreneurship, academic rigor, and humanities.


IE University is a pioneer in innovative programs that approach areas of study in a different way. Innovation thrives in an environment that is flexible and adaptable, where the capacity to think ahead and cultivate new skills is considered essential for a top tier education.


IE University is committed to excellent standards of academic teaching and learning. Our elite faculty of both scholars and practitioners maintain a clear focus on academic rigor. Programs at IE University are rigorous and are for students who want to push themselves beyond their comfort zone. Ongoing support and evaluation by professors and advisors challenges students to continually achieve their full potential.


An entrepreneurial spirit is at the heart of our institution. We champion new ways of thinking and create an environment where students can unleash their creativity, push boundaries, and venture into the unexplored. Students are not only encouraged to start new initiatives, they are provided with the resources and training they need to be successful. We continually strive to foster this entrepreneurial mindset and develop the capacities which enable our students to create value and make a difference in society.


An education with a unique approach to humanities provides personal and intellectual enrichment, sharpens critical thinking, and enlarges the depth and breadth of vision needed to build your own point of view and make sense of our complex world. The IE Module, which comprises fundamental courses in Ethics, Humanities, and Interpersonal Skills, provides students with a framework with which to understand different cultural perspectives. With a focus on humanities, we enable students to see new possibilities and foster their creativity, allowing them to be innovative and entrepreneurial in a globalized world.