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Dear Student

by David Goodman

Director of the Bachelor in
Architectural Studies

To be an architect is to see possibility where others don’t, to imagine things differently, and to have the tools and the discipline to turn even the most outlandish ideas into tangible reality. To be an architect is to engage in the world, and to change it. That’s why we’re here. And that’s what you’ll learn to do if you pursue the Bachelor in Architectural Studies at IE University.

Our program will prepare you to think and act both globally and locally, and to see opportunities where others merely see crisis. Indeed, we see the current moment as an exciting one, as the beginning of a new way to practice architecture, and as an unprecedented moment for innovation in architectural education. We want to sculpt the next generation of leaders in architecture and design-those who will show us a range of paths out of our current crisis, suggesting new ideas for the future.

“Recognizing and appreciating diverse outlooks by studying and working with others in different places and in different settings enhances the overall academic experience”

So, how do we do that? First, we give you the technical, creative, and entrepreneurial tools you’ll need to make a difference. Our Design Studio sequence will teach you to tackle problems in the real world, and to propose new visions; our series of Experimentation Workshops will open you up to new modes of working and new media; our Integration Workshops will introduce the technical complexity of the contemporary architectural project; our Fabrication Lab and sequence of digital coursework will give you hands-on experience; and our Alternative Practices semester will show you a range of different ways to apply your architecture training to the world around us.

The Fab Lab is a fundamental part of what we call the culture of making, where students can experiment with digital (CNC router, laser cutters, 3D printers) and traditional carpentry and shop tools to really understand how to build things.

We also give you practical experience. You’ll spend up to four months of your second, third, and fourth years engaged in internships around the world, while you conduct your coursework through videoconferences and internet forums. When you finish your time at IE, you’ll have a year of professional experience—in three different contexts—under your belt, while also learning to develop projects online and in collaboration with your colleagues.


Finally, we give you a global perspective, and we offer you the possibility of exchange programs around the world. This is what makes us different. Please come visit us here in Segovia, and see how we’re turning this vision into reality. Now is a moment of opportunity. We want to help you seize it.