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In touch with the real world

We understand that real-world experience is fundamental within the field of communication, and for that reason the Bachelor in Architectural Studies offers students the opportunity to complete internships with organizations worldwide.

You will acquire more than a year’s worth of professional experience, which is sure to help you stand out as you enter the job market and begin to establish yourself as a valued business professional.


Our students have completed internships at Aedes (Berlin), Aires Mateus (Lisbon), Cloud 9 (Barcelona), Crab Studio (London), David Chipperfield (London), Eva Jiricina Architects (London), Jump Studios (London), Miralles Tagliabue (Barcelona), SCB Architects (Chicago), Shigeru Ban Architects Europe (Paris), Studio Mumbai (India), and Zaha Hadid (London), among others.

Joshephine Gillard, Jacobo

Mingorance & Andres Antolin

Josephine Gillard, Jacobo Mingorance & Andres Antolin speak about their experiences at the best studios around the globe

Elena García Gómez

Miralles Tagliabue, Barcelona

My internship period in Miralles Tagliabue – EMBT definitely opened my mind. Prior to the internship experience, I thought that architecture was just about projects, housing, and building. However, I realized that architecture is much more than building things. Architecture covers a wide range of skills that go from furniture design to urbanism. EMBT works with architectural projects, open spaces, urbanism, rehabilitation, furniture design, and exhibitions. It was precisely their wide field of work that fueled my decision to work for them. I thought that the experience of working for a multidisciplinary studio could help me have a more comprehensive idea of the architectural world. And, indeed, it was a great success!

Miralles Tagliabue team, Barcelona

“The time I spent working for Miralles Tagliabue allowed me to see what kind of architect I wanted to be in the future!”

I must admit that when I was offered the chance to work for EMBT, I was a bit scared. I wasn’t sure how helpful I would be in the office since I had not even finished the second year of my Bachelor in Architectural Studies at IE University, and I still had a long path to follow. However, I found it to be quite the opposite! Not only did they make me feel part of the team from the very beginning, but they also trusted me to perform different tasks, such as furniture design and the creation of exhibitions.


Moreover, they took the time to instruct and guide me every step of the way. My youth and inexperience were not an obstacle when working with them. The months that I spent working, studying, and living in Barcelona taught me that having a positive attitude and willingness to work are essential in the workplace.

Jacob Kummer

Jump Studios, London

The small studio culture at Jump Studios allowed me to get deeply involved in all stages of the project, from the conceptual design phase to the hand-over. Taking part in a variety of internships throughout the Bachelor in Architectural Studies at IE University has taught me not only how to act responsibly in a professional environment but it has also helped determine what sort of role I want to play in the field after graduating. Internships are a great opportunity to travel around the world and meet and work with different kinds of people from different environments!

Jacob Kummer discovering London

Angela Aza

Cloud 9, Barcelona

Tell us about your internship. How was the recruiting process—steps, tests, interviews?

During the second semester of my second year at IE University, I completed an internship at Enric Ruiz Geli’s firm, Cloud 9, in Barcelona. I was involved in the El Bulli project, a new project for the famous chef Ferran Adrià.


What types of projects did you work on?

I was in charge of developing part of the construction details in 2D needed to carry out the working drawings, but it was during my two last months in the studio that I was in charge of making an enormous model that the studio was commissioned to build for the Somerset House in London. In order to develop this model, I used basic techniques combined with the most advanced 3D printing and CNC technologies, which I had learned at IE University.

Cloud 9 team with the famous chef Ferran Adrià.

“I was able to experience how it feels to be involved in such a huge project, and how organization and teamwork are essential for efficiency”

How do you think you benefited from this experience?

It was a really amazing experience for me since I got to know a lot of professionals in many different fields, ranging from one of the best chefs in the world, to many engineers from different companies, to an expert in the use of ceramics in architecture.


What tips or advice would you give to other students applying for an internship?

I would definitely recommend this studio for future students, since the experience and knowledge you acquire from your internship is great, as well as the people you get to know. Even today I still have a strong relationship with them.