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At a Glance

The Bachelor in Design is a comprehensive program that seeks to challenge today’s physical, experiential, functional, and emotional reality. It has been designed for adaptable and audacious individuals who can transform reality into something better and more sustainable, independently of available resources.

  • Type of Degree
  • Undergraduate
  • Language
  • English
  • Format
  • Full-Time
  • Location
  • Segovia and Madrid
  • Duration
  • 4 years
  • Start /Date
  • September

Your home away from home

IE University Campus

As a student at IE University, you will gain an international outlook and global connections. You will benefit from diverse perspectives and experiences as you study with peers from around the world. Each year, an average of 100 different countries are represented on campus, and over 70% of students come from abroad.

Five Reasons to study this degree

A sure path to success

Learn from a unique methodology

You will benefit from the unique combination of solid design foundations and a demanding project-based methodology. You will address real-life challenges that combine the rigorous scientific aspects of design with a business perspective.

Five Reasons to study this degree

A sure path to success

Work in the perfect space to experiment

You will have access from the very beginning to the Fab Lab, a space where creative ideas becomes reality. You will have the chance to experiment and develop your projects either using the latest digital technology or with traditional carpentry tools.

Five Reasons to study this degree

A sure path to success

Be part of an environment that drives innovation

Innovation is about collaborating and understanding social context. Diverse environments encourage more innovative and creative solutions. IE University has more than 130 nationalities represented on campus, which means that you will be sharing ideas, collaborating and working on projects with people from many different countries.

Five Reasons to study this degree

A sure path to success

Live Entrepreneurship

IE University is recognized in Europe and beyond for its entrepreneurial spirit and its expertise in business education. The management skills you will gain are essential to adapting effectively to the changing profiles of today’s design professionals.

Five Reasons to study this degree

A sure path to success

Be backed by the school of architecture and design

The IE School of Architecture and Design places emphasis on design, innovation, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Design students will be part of a community of professionals who consistently take a creative approach to architecture and design by thinking critically and outside of traditional boundaries when confronted with a challenge.

The Pillars of Design at IE University

Create a better reality

What is business administration at IE University?

Study Plan

The hunt for knowledge



If you choose to study the Bachelor in Design, then you will study the first two years in Segovia and the last two years in Madrid.

Core Courses 60
Mandatory Courses 135
Elective Courses 30
Final Project 15
Credits needed to graduate 240

During your first year, you will have a broad introduction to the world of design and you will begin to develop the necessary skills to work and succeed as a designer. You’ll take a first look into the multidisciplinary aspects of the profession and you’ll benefit from our design studio methodology, defined by its practical approach and its combination of individual and collaborative work.

1er Semester

  • Introduction to Design Studio: Learning by Doing
  • Design History I
  • Design Skills I
  • Psychology and User – Centered Design
  • IE Module – Writing Skills
  • IE Module – Presentation Skills

2nd Semester

  • Introduction to Design Studio: Collaborative Design
  • Design History II
  • Visualization and Representation Techniques
  • Sociology and Culture
  • IE Module – Business Management

In your second year of study you will learn about the creative methodologies currently being used in professional practices, and you’ll develop a critical approach to your designs. The assignments will become more complex as you build up your skills; you will be expected to integrate information, concepts, and techniques from related disciplines.

1er Semester

  • Design Studio I: Focus on Visual Design
  • Design Methodology
  • Interactive and Digital Tools
  • Research Techniques
  • Ethnography
  • IE Module – Entrepreneurship

2nd Semester

  • Design Studio II: Focus on Product Design
  • Design and Criticism
  • Materials and Applications I
  • Sustainability
  • IE Module – Professional Skills

During the first half of your third year, you will continue developing your designer skills in five areas: design culture, techniques, applied sciences, business and project-centered design. You will build a theoretical framework and learn about materials and their different uses. You will take several elective courses, which will allow you to personalize your career path an experience more types of design. During this year, you will also be able to study abroad.

1st Semester

Design Studio III – Focus on Spatial Design
Processes and Design Theory
Materials and Applications II
Quantitative Methods
IE Module – Global Challenges

2nd Semester

  • Electives

The fourth year is all about consolidating knowledge. You will learn about the latest developments in creative technology and you will use them as tools for your design practice. You will learn about the latest trends in digital fabrication and study creative coding and programming from a designer’s perspective.


During this year we will also address the main issues regarding the dissemination of your work, reaching out to important stakeholders, working on your portfolio, and the storytelling of your projects.

1st Semester

  • Design Studio IV: Focus on Strategic Design
  • Contemporary Design Trends
  • Typography Layout and Presentation
  • Programming for Designers
  • IE Module – Design Management

2nd Semester

  • Management Skills
  • Management Information Systems
  • Research Methods
  • Supply Chain Management
  • International Strategy
  • Final Project

Note: this information is subject to change. Please contact the Admissions Department for an updated curriculum.

A world of Opportunity

Professional Careers

After your degree, you’ll be ready to get out there and develop your career in a wide range of areas.


If you choose this area, you will be able to create services that are useful, desirable, efficient, and effective. You can work as a strategic design manager or communication designer.


If you prefer a role closer to technology, you can also work as a processes and services designer or even as an intelligent systems designer.


If you are interested in improving the interaction between a user and a product, you can work as a user experience designer, interaction designer, a UX researcher, or even a motion designer.


If you prefer to focus on the look and feel of products and services, you can work as a creative graphic designer, a digital illustrator, or even specialize in packaging. If you prefer to work with a broader scope, you can also become an art director.


If digital products such as websites and apps are what you are passionate about, you can work as a digital product designer. You can also focus on designing and prototyping objects and products.


If you prefer to have an impact on a larger scale as a designer and take over the interior spaces where people work, live, or shop, you could be well suited to work as a interior designer.

Your home away from home

IE University Campus

As a student at IE University, you will gain an international outlook and global connections. You will benefit from diverse perspectives and experiences as you study with peers from around the world. Each year, an average of 130 different countries are represented on campus, and over 75% of students come from abroad.


The campus in the city of Segovia offers a true campus experience. It is housed in the Convent of Santa Cruz la Real, a historic building declared a national heritage site in 1931. Segovia is only 25 minutes from Madrid by high-speed train, and welcomes students from over 130 countries to a global university setting with an academic and lively atmosphere.


In Segovia, youʼll find the perfect setting to become part of a close-knit community. Segovia is a fairytale city full of narrow, twisting alleyways, Romanesque churches, and beautiful buildings


On our campus in Madrid, you will find a groundbreaking education experience, with access to cutting-edge resources, specialized classrooms, and modern facilities. Studying in Madrid provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in a dynamic environment at the center of one of Europeʼs most important financial capitals.


If you decide to study in Madrid, you will benefit from a global environment, top-tier networking opportunities, and facilities equipped with the latest technologies—all shared with the top-ranked IE Business School.