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Stand out as a global law professional


Stand out as a global law professional

If you want to practice law in an international setting and work at top law firms, major corporations, and organizations worldwide, this program will give you the skills you need to bring effective solutions to a global corporate environment.

Our innovative Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) program is centered on the fundamentals of civil and common law, using comparative methodologies with a focus on European Union law, and modeled after the expertise of the world-ranked IE Law School.


We train students to become corporate lawyers who can work with international clients in cross-border transactions and become leaders in their organizations and in society.

Five Reasons to study this degree

A sure path to success

Earn a fully accredited degree

The LL.B. program is fully compliant with the Bologna Process and accredited by the Spanish government and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

Five Reasons to study this degree

A sure path to success

Be part of a unique program

Thanks to its strong foundation plus the opportunity to specialize, the LL.B. trains students to work on an international scale in cross-border transactions and become leaders in their organizations and in society.

Five Reasons to study this degree

A sure path to success

Benefit from international rankings

A member of the Law Schools Global League, IE Law School is consistently ranked among the top law schools in Europe and worldwide on the Financial Times’ Global Legal Education Report.

Five Reasons to study this degree

A sure path to success

Acquire an international outlook and a global network

The LL.B. program is among the most international of its kind in the world, with a learning environment and program content that give you a global vision and allow you to practice law over a broader spec­trum. Interactions with professors and peers from around the world will build your global professional network, as will internships at top law firms.

Five Reasons to study this degree

A sure path to success

Access career opportunities in the public and private sectors

Employers of leading firms worldwide have ranked IE University as one of the top universities where they want to recruit in the future. Our students often begin receiving job offers before they graduate.

The Pillars of Law at IE University

Stand out as a global law professional

Build a solid foundation, a flexible specialization. This truly unique program provides the fundamentals of civil and common law, with a focus on European Union law. After building a foundation, you will focus on the area you choose to specialize in.

Foundations of law: in your first years, you will study civil law and common law, with a focus on EU law.

Specialization: you are then able to build your expertise in a specific area.


Go beyond classroom experience. Our innovative and practical approach means that your training will be enhanced by internships in leading law firms and corporations that form IE Law School’s partners and networks.


Experience Law Unplugged. Law Unplugged is a practice-focused component of your program. Each term, you will be immersed in real-life scenarios and projects through workshops and visits to leading law firms.


Learn through a comparative law methodology. IE University incorporates the comparative law methodology in the legal training of future lawyers. Comparative law is the study of different legal systems, and consists of studying the similarities and differences of various legal cultures. Through comparative law, you study the fundamentals of legal institutions, legislation, and jurisprudence in different countries around the world. This is particularly important nowadays due to the economic globalization and internalization process that the legal market and practice are going through.

What is Laws at IE University?

Understand the role of multilateral organizations, states, and the corporate world in shifting the international order


Study Plan

The hunt for knowledge



You can study the Bachelor of Laws both in Segovia and Madrid. If you choose to start your law studies in Madrid you will study all four years in Madrid. On the other hand, if you choose to start your law studies in Segovia, then you will study the first two years in Segovia and the last two years in Madrid.

Basic Courses 60
Core Courses 108
Elective Courses 60
Final Project 12
Credits needed to graduate 240

During your first year, you will dive straight into the world of law. From the very beginning, you will experience the reality of the legal practice with the simulation of different legal professions in a global economy.


Through comparative legal methodology, you will become familiar with the principles and foundations of private, civil, and criminal law, which includes the analysis of different legal systems. You will also learn about law history and public international law, developing critical thinking and reasoning skills, which will lead you to have a thorough understanding of the legislation that governs relations between states, traditional international organizations, and other international players.

1st Semester

  • European Legal History
  • Constitutional Law
  • Introduction to Private Law – Civil Law
  • Economics
  • Unplugged I
  • Accounting & Finance

2nd Semester

  • Criminal Law I
  • Civil Law – Contracts
  • Unplugged II
  • Legal Thought
  • Administrative Law I
  • Humanities (IE Module)

This innovative and practical learning carries on into your second year to help develop the soft skills and attitudes that will allow you to become a legal professional. Through the Introduction to Litigation course, you will obtain the skills required to understand and effectively use the main principles and categories that make up civil procedures.


From a comparative and international perspective, you will continue with Criminal law and obtain a solid foundation in regards to the common principles of Administrative Law, Employment Law, and Property Law. Special attention will be given to Private International Law, and you will acquire knowledge of various EU institutions and their tasks in relation to EU law.


At the end of the year, you will have an in-depth knowledge of the relevant legal issues that concern companies and commercial enterprises, through an understanding of commercial and corporate law institutions and rules.

1st Semester

  • Criminal Law II
  • Civil Law – Property
  • Administrative Law and Economic Regulation
  • Public International Law
  • Unplugged III
  • Technology (IE Module)

2nd Semester

  • Labor Law I
  • European Union Law
  • Torts
  • Unplugged IV
  • Litigation I
  • Civil Law – Family, Estate and Trust
  • Human Rights
  • Entrepreneurship (IE Module)

As you progress to your third year, you will deal with the most significant aspects of litigation, such as procedures for Civil, Labor, and Criminal Law. You will develop critical thinking and analyze the main concerns that appear during legal practice, such as civil disobedience or the fairness of justice. Further emphasis will be placed on the management skills that are required to manage a law firm and develop your professional career. If you want to gain experience in the corporate world, you will have the chance to do an internship at law firms such as Cuatrecasas, PwC, and Latham & Watkins.


You will have classes on Taxation and Accounting, in addition to learning about the most fundamental structural elements of a tax system. You will review and compare key tax concepts in an international environment. You will also develop the skills needed to understand the administration of family, state, and trusts.

1st Semester

  • Taxation I
  • Commercial Law and Corporations I
  • Labor Law II
  • Litigation II
  • IE Challenge

2nd Semester

  • Conflicts and Business Law
  • Taxation II
  • Unplugged V
  • Commercial Law and Corporations II
  • Electives

This is probably your most exciting year! You will be given the option to do an internship at a prestigious law firm or do an exchange study program for up to one semester at one of our respected partner institutions. You will also be able to personalize your studies by taking electives such as Competition Law or Advanced EU Law, and even learn how they practice law in India or China. You will also be able to participate in international events like moot courts or LawWithoutWalls. After your fourth year you can continue with a Máster en Abogacía or LL.M. at IE Law school.


If you choose the Dual LL.B., Bachelor of Laws plus Bachelor in Civil and English Law, your fourth year will be at the University of Law in England, doing the Legal Practice Course. Throughout your first three years, you will have followed online courses made available by the University of Law, England.


If you’ve chosen the Bachelor of Laws with a LL.M. or a J.D. at Northwestern University, year four will be situated in the United States. A LL.M will take you one year, a J.D will take you two years to finish. Once you are back in Madrid you will write your final thesis to graduate with a high knowledge of civil and common law, and a full understanding of the U.S. legal system.

1st Semester

  • Exchange/Internships/Electives

2nd Semester

  • Final Project
  • Internships/Electives

Specialize and stand out! During your final two years of study, you will be able to choose a concentration in order to obtain a degree in that specific area:



Learn all aspects of business law in order to work with international clients in cross border transactions and highend litigation.



Study law with a strong focus on EU law: economics, trade, policy, and European institutions.



Study the connections between legal, political, and cultural issues to develop and implement solutions within a global legal environment.


Acquire intense training in the disciplines related to business management that are demanded by top law firms and companies.



Learn aspects of persuasion, neuro-marketing, and conflict resolution in order to better understand other people’s behavior and increase your professional impact.



Develop your knowledge of transnational law further by studying Indian and Chinese law and business. Explore the legal challenges led by a globalized and digitalized world.

Note: this information is subject to change. Please contact the Admissions Department for the updated curriculum.