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In touch with the real world

We understand that real world experience is fundamental, and for that reason IE University offers students the opportunity to do internships with organizations worldwide.


You will acquire up to a year’s worth of professional experience, which is sure to help you stand out as you enter the job market and begin to establish yourself as a valued business professional. Our students have completed interships at:Accenture; Addecco; Iberia; Aires Mateus; Argus Communications; Baker & McKenzie; Bank of China; Cadena COPE; Caritas; Clifford Chance; Cloud 9; Credit Suisse; Danone; David Chipperfield; Delivering Happiness; Deloitte; Diesel; Embassy of Spain in different countries; Ernst&Young; Garrigues; Gucci; Holcim; International Media; KPMG; Latham & Watkins; Lidl; Loewe; Manpower; Onda Cero; Prosegur; PwC; Pérez-Llorca; Roff; United Nations; Uría Menéndez; Zaha Hadid …among many other companies.

Berta Kutz

Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves-Pereira’s

Tell us about your internship. How was the recruiting process; steps, tests, interviews?
My last internship was a full-time 3-month internship at Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves-Pereira, in the Corporate Law department. I met them at the IEU Career Fair and gave them my CV. After some time, I was called to take some tests, which included a psychometric exam and an English proficiency test, and I also had to write a brief essay in Spanish about a piece of recent legal news. After that, I had a final interview with the human resources director, where we talked more about my motivations than my technical skills.

Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves-Pereira’s Madrid offices by GCA architects.

“We should take advantage of this and try to always complement our academic learning with professional experiences.”

What types of projects did you work on?
In the Corporate Law department, I had the opportunity to work on very diverse projects. I was involved in the acquisition of a Spanish company by an international fund, as well as in the due diligence processes of companies in very disparate sectors, such as the renewable energy sector and the automotive industry. I also took part in the drafting of new terms and conditions for a start-up company. They were very interesting projects!


How do you think you benefited from this experience?
I had the chance to discover whether this job was right for me or not. In my opinion, this was very important since it allowed me to plan my professional career much better, and focus on what I liked most.

Berta Kutz, Dual Degree in Business Administration & Laws.

What are your future career aspirations?
In professional terms, I would like to pursue an international legal career. I’d like to begin rotating between different departments before sticking to just one of them. I believe this way, I can achieve a broader perspective when it comes to legal matters, which will reflect in the value I provide to my clients in the future.


What tips or advice would you give to other students applying for an internship?
I’d tell students to do as many internships as they can during their studies. For me it has been fundamental, since it has allowed me to identify what I like and what I don’t when it comes to my professional career. Doing an internship opens doors to potential jobs, and obtaining one is usually a matter of your motivations, rather than your technical skills. In my opinion, we should take advantage of this and try to always complement our academic learning with professional experiences.