Get Involved


IE University life is enriching, exciting, and full of opportunities and one of the most diverse networks in the world. We want you, the parents and families of our students, to collaborate with this amazing community. You can find various ways to contribute to the students’ IE University experience through different activities.

Parent Speaker

We constantly seek out volunteer speakers to share their experience and expertise with our students and alumni. Topics may include career development, education, mastering new skills and techniques, or other expertise areas. If you are comfortable speaking in front of people and want to collaborate as an event speaker or panelist, we want to hear from you.


Parent Ambassador Program

This program is for those who wish to support other parents in their children's university decision. A parent ambassador is expected to dedicate two to five hours a month to support IE's local recruitment team with pre-selected activities. Parent ambassadors will join a growing community of parents going through the same journey with their children and will have the opportunity to take part in our Learning Pills and enhance their professional & personal development.


Parent Recruiter

Our students are unique in every way. They graduate from IE University with a variety of skills that help them succeed in their professional lives as they make a real impact in the world. As a parent, you’ll find top talent for your company by recruiting IE University students and alumni.


Parent Philanthropy

Your philanthropic support deepens your connection to IE University and enables the IE Foundation to maximize students’ potential. Every little bit makes a difference and contributes to the campus experience of a student. Learn more about how you can help make a difference with IE Foundation.

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