Exchange students at IEU

Welcome to all our international exchange students!

Dear student,

Welcome to IE University!

The International Mobility Team looks forward to meeting you on campus and to be part of your International Exchange Experience.

Thank you for choosing us!

The IM Team

Exchange Students at IEU

IEU Undergraduate Exchange Fact sheet 19/20



Nomination: March/April
Student application: April/May
Admission: mid June
Enrollment: mid July


Nomination: September/October
Student application: mid October
Admission: early November
Enrollment: late November


Incoming exchange students were treated to an exciting Orientation Week after arriving at IE University for the spring semester. International Mobility Department, in collaboration with the IEU Amigo Network organized a bunch of fun activities to get things off to a good start.


The week kicked off in style as the students got the opportunity to meet their peer guides or “amigos”. In Madrid, more than 100 international exchange students mixed with the 50 amigos at Zitty restaurant in the center of the city. A similar experience took place in Segovia’s El Sitio restaurant, as 50 students and amigos came together to get to know each other. The event served as a relaxing introduction for the students, allowing them to get their first experience of Spanish life in style—with good food and good company.


Incoming exchange students were also invited to attend an interactive workshop to help ease them into the new culture. During the session, they received insightful information about the Spanish life, as well as tips on how to adjust seamlessly and effortlessly to the changes that come with moving to a new country


The Amigo Network, in collaboration with International Mobility, organized the Speed Networking event in Madrid & Segovia. Both exchange and full-time IEU students came together at this exciting event to get to know each other better. The event rounded off with some drinks and snacks, and a more informal socializing session, resulting in a relaxing end to the mid-week event.