Your arrival at IEU


Our students are always working hard to host activities and events where visitors can meet and mingle with our community. They are also always on hand to provide newcomers with support and advice.

Below, you will find the multiple ways in which IEU and its community members welcome visitors and instantly immerse them into our environment!

Expected arrival date:

• Fall: End of August
• Spring: Beginning of January

Orientation for both semesters is provided by the International Monility Office upon arrival.


Upon arrival the International Mobility, Host Office and Student Life Department provide students with all the services, facilities and entertainment necessary to easily get around their new home town, meet new people, make friends and enjoy the IEU ride.


The Amigo Program is a new service for our incoming exchange students. It offers you the company of our volunteer student buddies (Amigos). This group of friendly students show you the ropes around campus, and take you to all the local city hotspots during your first month at IE University.

As an Incoming Exchange Student, you can get in touch with your Amigo online in the months before you arrive. It’s the perfect opportunity to ask about classes, professors, activities, places to visit or the country itself. That way, when you arrive on campus, you already have a friend to show you around.

After your first month, and for the rest of your stay at IEU, you automatically join the IEU Exchange Society, a student-led organization that offers different kinds of social and leisure activities for our incoming exchange students to enjoy.


Student Life provides exchange students with information and advice in order to find and book the accommodation options that suit their needs best.

Visiting students staying in Spain for a period of time shorter than 6 months will most likely find available rooms in the apartments of full-time IEU students who have also decided to spend a semester abroad. Residences and family stays always good options as well.


The IEU Student Life Department hosts and helps organize activities and events in and off Campus all year around. Though several of our leisure activities (trips, cultural visits and casual get-togethers) happen at specific dates and times, student initiatives are ever present.

Visiting students have an entire club to to make them feel at home!