Meet the Global Markets Team, helping students around the world on their IE University journey

This Going to IEU Podcast episode welcomes Irais Souto, Head of Global Markets at IE University. Our host, Veronica Ramos, chats with Irai to find out more about the role of the Global Markets team and how they provide a human touch to prospective students across the globe. Irais talks about the support provided by the local offices and the importance of the Global Markets team in guiding the next generation of IE University students to find their program.

Discover why the first point of contact between IE University and a prospective student is crucial for that student’s journey. Join us in learning about the Global Markets team and hear Irais’s behind-the-scenes insights.

IE University and CIVICA: making an impact that lasts

This Going to IEU Podcast episode features a chat with Isabel de Valenzuela about her experiences as a CIVICA ambassador. Veronica Ramos, our host, asks Isabel to explain what CIVICA is and highlight the events and initiatives that she’s had the opportunity to be a part of. Veronica explores a CIVICA ambassador’s typical roles and tasks—as well as what the application process looks like should inspiration strike after listening in.

Learn about the experiences and skills you could gain from being a CIVICA ambassador. Join us on a deep dive into CIVICA and discover more about Isabel herself.

Why you should join IE University’s Women in Business Club

Make a cup of tea, grab your headphones, and tune into the latest episode of the “Going to IEU” podcast. This time, host Veronica Ramos chats to fourth year student Angela Brito Gorriti about IE University’s Women in Business Club.

With almost 4,000 members and 225 events a year, it’s one of IE University’s biggest and most active student-led clubs. Its aim is not only to give members access to inspiring talks and leadership development, but to be a community of support, networking and idea sharing.

And it's not just for women studying a business degree. The club is open to students from all vocations, as well as to men, since empowering women in business is something that benefits everyone. Tune in now to find out more.


The Going to IEU Podcast is back. This time we are joined by guest Clint Goodrich, IE University’s Executive Director of Sports and Well-Being, professor on leadership through sports and head of men’s basketball. To Clint, the Sports and Well-Being Center is a space to engage in athletic and well-being activities, regardless of skill level or experience.

IE University students have the chance to participate in a range of sports, including recreational sports, performance sports and other activities. Students can choose anything from hiking to kayaking, sailing to boxing or weekly yoga sessions—all activities are available for free!

For Clint, participating in sports is all about building one another up, setting goals and working hard to achieve them. Everyone is a beginner at some point and working to improve is a transformational process that can benefit everyone. Ultimately, sports are a way to thrive personally and as a community.


Our Segovia campus, the Convent of Santa Cruz la Real, has a rich history. Built in 1218 as a monastery, it’s also been a prison, an orphanage and a hospice. Today, it offers all the high-tech facilities of a modern university, while retaining its historic features—reflecting one of IE University’s core values; sustainability. The ancient city of Segovia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985, is famous for its Roman aqueduct and fairytale castle. Yet it’s only a 25-minute, high-speed train ride from the bustling center of Madrid. We talk to faculty members and the architect in charge of remodeling the campus, to find out how the campus has changed over the years and what makes it so special. Discover what it’s like to live and study in this unique space, which draws from the past to shape the leaders of the future.


In episode 14 of the “Going to IEU” podcast, your host, Nick Besso, chats to Dyanna Rivera, a Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence student, about her experiences at IE University and her thoughts on the present and future of artificial intelligence (AI).

Dyanna’s path to computer science has been an unconventional one. Discussing the reasons behind her choice to study at IE University, she emphasizes the importance of practical experience and the advantage of industry connections. She explains how the Pier 17 project enabled her to put theory into practice and construct a prototype of her idea.

Recalling the culture shock she experienced when moving from the United States to Spain during the pandemic, Dyanna tells Nick how she managed to adapt and make friends. She also explains how IE University’s emphasis on diversity has made it easier for her to be a woman in a traditionally male-dominated discipline.

Dyanna talks to Nick about her future plans, her thoughts on developments in data science and her research into the applications of AI to neurological conditions. She gives some tips for prospective students and shares her views on what skills a good data scientist needs.

Finally, Nick quizzes Dyanna in the “If Yes, When?” segment. Hear her views on whether AI will take over our jobs, make policy decisions for governments, think like a human and much more.

By listening to this podcast, you’ll learn from Dyanna the importance of becoming an active member of the IE University community and how to make the most of the opportunities available to you—as well as hear some fascinating predictions!


In this episode of the “Going to IEU” podcast, host Ida Nydelius asks Abdul Salam, a 22-year-old from Pakistan and former IEU Student Government president, 50 questions that tell all about his experience as a student at IE University.

Abdul is pursuing the Dual Degree in Business Administration and Data & Business Analytics. With an entrepreneurial spirit and mind, Abdul plans to launch his own finance startup aimed at making banking more centralized to its customers—an effort to spark change in a field that he is passionate about.

In the podcast, Abdul also reflects on his time as a student at both the Segovia and Madrid campuses. Whether playing soccer with friends, spending time at the IE Creativity Center in Casa de la Moneda or relaxing and watching the sunset at Parque del Oeste, a central part of Abdul’s experience has been enjoying the cities he’s lived in and feeling “at home” there. It’s safe to say that Abdul’s time at IE University has been rich in extracurriculars, from serving on various Student Government committees to starting the field hockey team at the Segovia campus!

Throughout this episode, Abdul shares insider recommendations on everything from campus events to securing an apartment and how to create an “ideal” schedule that allows for productivity and extracurriculars—and he even clues us in on where to find the best Indian restaurants.

Tune in and learn from Abdul the importance of becoming an active member of the IE University community, and be inspired to hold yourself to a high standard when working toward a goal.


Are you looking to embark on your first professional experience? Do you need support securing your dream role upon graduation? If so, be sure to tune in to our latest episode of the #GoingtoIEU podcast with your host Ida Nydelius. This week, Ida meets up with Carlos Diez Rodriguez, Director of Career Services at IE University, to talk us through how the IE Talent & Careers team can support you.

If you’re unsure about what path you want to take—whether you’re in your first year of studies, or your final year—this is the episode for you. Carlos shines a light on all the ways IE Talent & Careers can help you work toward your goals at every stage of your career. Throughout the episode, our special guest explains the many ways the team can guide and advise you, from taking the first step in your job search, to preparing for interviews and uncovering the latest industry insights from leading professionals, helping you stand out from the crowd.

If the IE Talent Forum sounds like news to you, fear not. In this episode, Carlos fills us in on what exactly the forum is, how students can get involved, and how it can help enhance your future career prospects.

So, pop your headphones in, sit back and let Carlos take you through all there is to know about IE Talent & Careers at IE University. You don’t want to miss it.


We welcome back our host Ida Nydelius for our twelfth (yes, twelfth!) #GoingtoIEU podcast. In this episode, Ida catches up with Johanna Jakobi, a third-year student of the Dual Degree in Business Administration + International Relations and current student government president at IE University.

Still unsure about what her future entails, Johanna talks us through what she’s done to broaden her horizons and help her understand what career she may want to choose in the years to come. If you’re wondering what the future holds for you, you won’t want to miss this episode as Johanna shares all her best tips for making the most of your IE University experience and enhancing your career prospects.

Johanna’s currently wrapping up her latest internship at our very own IE Business School, where she’s been working on the Strategic Engagement and Communication team. Together, Johanna and Ida talk through the benefits of carrying out an internship at IE University, not least being able to schedule your work around your all-important studies.

Our special guest takes us through her route to becoming president of IE University’s student government and what drove her to apply. Johanna shares the challenges she’s come across while president, as well as some important learning curves she’s experienced in her role. To learn more about the intricacies of our student government, be sure to tune in to this latest episode.


We’re back with another episode of the “Going to IEU” podcast with your host, Ida Nydelius. This time, Ida is accompanied by Eniola Harrison, Head of Programs and Partnerships at the IE Africa Center, and Felicia Appentang, Chair of the IE Africa Center. Together, they explore all there is to know about the Africa Center at IE University and how students can get involved.

Founded on three core pillars, the Center aims to advance narratives about Africa and combine communications and business development to help enhance entrepreneurship within the continent.

No stone is left unturned in this episode as our special guests offer up their inside scoop on the IE Africa Center. Both communications professionals, Eniola and Felicia are unquestionably passionate about the initiatives and programs the Center offers. Listeners will soon come to learn just how the center can help enhance their studies, as well as understand the integral role Africa plays in solving current global challenges.

Have you ever wondered what opportunities there are for you to make a global difference while studying at IE University? Well, this episode has all the answers you need. From Gurus and Griots (an academic accelerator program focusing on providing African-based solutions) to the Africa Lab (a project-based lab at IE University where communications students work with entrepreneurs across Africa), the IE Africa Center aims to support you while also deepening relationships with partners across the continent. Tune in to find out more.

Eniola and Felicia share their top tips for how students can get involved with the IE Africa Center. Our guests also shed light on where they think the future of innovation lies, both across Africa and globally. Their passion for the Center shines throughout this 30-minute special.


Tune into the next episode of our “Going to IEU” podcast, where your host, Ida Nydelius , is joined by Iôna de Macêdo, Professor of the Bachelor in Communications and Digital Media at IE University and experienced multilingual audiovisual industry creative executive.

In this bumper episode, we delve deep into Iôna’s impressive career trajectory and, together, Iôna and Ida explore how aspiring students can use their creativity to make a mark in the world of film and media.

Iôna de Macêdo shares all in this jam-packed episode. From taking her first steps into the world of film to working as a leading executive at Sony Pictures Entertainment, Iôna is an inspiration to many. If you’re looking to learn how you can use your creative skills and engage with brands on a global scale, this is the podcast for you.

While working in the film industry wasn’t initially in the cards for Iôna, her curiosity and ambition to be constantly learning has allowed her to work in an incredible range of roles. Now, working as a professor at IE University, she is devoted to fostering young talent for executive positions in the field of Communications.

Our special guest talks us through the intricate workings of the film and media industries and shares her thoughts on which career paths current and aspiring communications students can follow.

What’s more, after moving from Brazil to London, then on to France and Spain, Iôna knows the importance of fostering a global mindset and explains how this can help you reach your chosen career goals. You won’t want to miss this one.


Join us for our next “Going to IEU” podcast, with our host, Ida de Nydelius. In this episode, Ida meets Marie-Thérèse Burkard, fellow student and former resident of IE University’s Segovia Campus.

Won over by the charm of this small historic Spanish city, MT is the perfect guest to shine a light on all-things Segovia. From her favorite place to watch the sunrise in the mornings to her ideal coffee spot for when she needed to crack down on studying, MT reveals all in this episode.

Whether you’re thinking about making the move to Segovia, or you’re already there, you don’t want to miss out on this conversation. Together, Ida and MT delve deep into what it’s like as a student at Segovia, looking back fondly on how the city provided them with the perfect setting to study as well as have a fun and well-rounded social life.

What’s more, MT is the co-leader of IE University’s Theater Club, a club where students of all different nationalities come together and showcase their talent in a range of performances. The ultimate space for any creative, MT shares how anyone can join and contribute their talents, whether that be writing, directing, costume designing or working for the light and sound crew. She also offers her best tips on managing your passions and hobbies alongside your studies.

This podcast episode doesn’t leave behind those studying in Madrid. Ida and MT look back on their transition from Segovia to Madrid and share their advice on managing any anxieties you may have about the move. There’s no doubt they both missed the comfort and small size of Segovia, but luckily, they didn’t hold back in sharing the things they did to help them settle into Spain’s bustling capital city.

By listening to this podcast, you’ll soon understand how to make your new Spanish city your home—you’ll want to tune into this one.


Your new host, Ida Nydelius, is back for the sixth episode of our “Going to IEU” podcast. Ida catches up with Luna Suwito, fourth-year Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media student who, having lived in Bali her whole life, is no stranger to feeling homesick.

Together, Ida and Luna share their firsthand tips to help you navigate a new culture and find yourself at IE University. From managing culture shock to making your way through the notorious Spanish immigration process, our hosts share it all!

Starting your studies in a new country can be both exciting and scary. But, after listening to this podcast, you’ll be reassured that there’s no better place for you to learn and grow than IE University. In this episode, Luna looks back on her time as a first-year student at IE University’s Segovia campus and discusses the ways she dealt with feeling homesick. From joining IE University’s Mentorship Society, to making the most of freshers’ week, Luna emphasizes the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone and immersing yourself in IE University’s diverse and welcoming community.

However, we all know that sometimes what you need most is to head to your favorite quiet spot and take some time to disconnect and breathe. Thankfully, Luna and Ida offer up their favorite places that help them do just that.

Our hosts walk us through the huge number of options IE University students have to ensure they make the most of their university experience and not let homesickness get in the way. From joining a new club to starting Spanish lessons, they share their best advice to help you embrace your new adventure. You don’t want to miss this one.


Grab your headphones and tune into our next episode of the “Going to IEU” podcast. We’re switching things up for our fifth episode, as we welcome special guest host, Ida Nydelius, third-year student at IE University.

Ida meets Campus Life’s Elisa Hicks, Senior Associate Director of IE University who, despite joining us in the midst of the pandemic, has not let anything stop her from making her mark. Drawn to IE University by its strong “own your experience” ethos, Elisa takes us through her work, and how she strives to help students become innovative entrepreneurs every day.

Together, Ida and Elisa talk us through the functions of IE University’s Campus Life and the many benefits it can bring to students’ experiences. From supporting students in building their own networks, to helping them take ownership of their dreams, the Campus Life department commits to helping you elevate your voice and vision.

Our two special guests look back over the past two years and reflect on the ways IE University students have overcome adversity and shown that they really are our leaders of tomorrow. Whether it’s maximizing technology, or harnessing the power of innovation, Elisa is passionate about inspiring students to take their leadership to new levels. You’re in for a treat with this podcast, as Elisa doesn’t hold back in sharing her advice for students who are thinking of embarking on their own entrepreneurial adventures.

With a strong passion for sustainability, Elisa shares her insider’s exclusive on the Sustainability Committee at IE University, which strives to create a common purpose and accelerate sustainable innovation. If you’re looking to become an agent of change and join the next generation of sustainable-minded leaders, then this podcast is for you!


Tune into our fourth episode of the “Going to IEU” podcast with your host, Nick Besso. In this episode, Nick catches up with Quentin Emiliano and Ciara Rodriguez, seasoned IE University students who look back fondly on their experiences as first years in Segovia.

While moving to IE University in the midst of the pandemic may not have been how they originally planned to start their university experiences, Quentin and Ciara reminisce on how their first year helped them grow both as individuals and students during some unprecedented times.

Throughout the episode, our special guests share their top tips for incoming students, from how to reach out to Student Services, to advice on how to manage busy schedules. Their advice doesn’t stop there either. Looking back on their first years, Quentin and Ciara explore how they may have done things differently when joining IE University, including knowing how to set boundaries, budget management, overcoming homesickness and more.

Quentin and Ciara talk through what their typical days look like at IE University and how they balance their extracurricular activities alongside their studies. From Ciara working as an intern during the mornings, to Quentin starting his own IE University Boxing Club, our special guests are experts at managing their studies with important external activities.

As students at IE University’s Segovia campus, Quentin and Ciara give the low-down on the top places to visit in the city, including the best bars to hit up at the weekend, the top spots to hang out with friends and the ultimate study spaces for when midterms are calling and you need to hit the books.

By listening to this podcast, you’ll soon learn from our guests the importance of becoming an active member of the IE Community and how to take your education into your own hands.


In this episode of the “Going to IEU” podcast, your host, Nick Besso, caught up with Rafif Srour, Vice Dean of Programs and Academics at IE School of Human Sciences and Technology. With fourteen years of experience in teaching, research, consultancy and data analysis, Rafif was the perfect guest to come talk to us about the dynamic methodology that’s taking IE University by storm: Liquid Learning.

Together, Rafif and Nick delve into the details of this groundbreaking approach that’s forming the future of education at IE University. No stone is left unturned in this episode, as they cover all elements of Liquid Learning, from its core building blocks and data-driven insights to the key ways it enhances student experiences at IE University.

Rafif offers her top tips for both current and incoming IE University students to ensure they can make the most of this cutting-edge methodology—giving students the opportunity to become the architects of their own education. She also shares some insightful predictions for the future of learning and how artificial intelligence, metaverses and Liquid Learning are all coming together to amplify students’ learning as a whole.

Our special guest discusses the potential limitations of virtual learning and how Liquid Learning can improve student engagement, increase flexibility and allow students to become participants in their own education. Throughout the episode, Rafif offers some great examples of how this innovative methodology is changing the game for the IE Community.


In this episode of the “Going to IEU” podcast, your host, Nick Besso, speaks to Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics, Law & Economics student, Ida Nyedelius. Ida is a third-year student, now studying in Madrid after spending her first two years at the Segovia campus. Ida shares comments on her life at IE University, where no two days are the same.

A dedicated member of the IE Arts Club, Ida served as president in her second year at the Segovia campus and is now working on establishing the club in Madrid with the help of her colleagues. She and Nick discuss their mutual love for the Casa de Moneda, which hosts a number of the creative extracurricular activities for students.

As a third-year student, Ida reflects on how her experience at IE University has changed and adapted since the COVID-19 pandemic and how life is now returning to normality in Madrid. Other topics covered include Ida’s newly founded Nordic Club, the differences between everyday life as a student in Segovia and Madrid, places to visit in Segovia and the support offered by IE University.


In this first-ever episode of the “Going to IEU” podcast, your host, Nick Besso, chats with Sofía Rondán, Senior Manager of Admissions at IE University, and Miguel Amengual, a second-year student in the Bachelor in Data & Business Analytics program.

Miguel shares his experiences at IE University in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and how the Liquid Learning approach safeguarded his interactions with classmates and professors. He also describes how his program incorporates labs, hands-on professional experiences with real companies available to first- and second-year students.

Sofía covers the pillars of IE University and how they are represented across the various aspects of student life. She also seconds the importance of IE University offering extracurricular activities to provide a unique student experience, taking students beyond the classroom to help them grow both professionally and personally. Additional topics covered include IE University’s mission, the value placed on their entrepreneurial spirit and then Sofía and Miguel share their different experiences of the admissions process.


The “Going to IEU” podcast addresses everything you need to know about student life at IE University. Hosted by current Bachelor in Communication & Digital Media student, Nick Besso sits down with different guests each week. Topics covered include everything from campus life to extracurricular activities to stories from other students about their experiences. If you’re curious about what it’s like to study at IE University, this is the perfect place to start. Tune in on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or other podcast platforms and get listening today.




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