Carolina Villanueva: Dual Degree in Laws + International Relations

Carolina Villanueva, born in Asturias, Spain, spent her final high school years in New York.

When she was around 16 years old, the head of showjumping for the Royal Spanish Equestrian Federation reached out to Carolina to see if she would represent Spain. The one thing she had to keep in mind before making a decision was her path to higher education.

Passionate about horses, international relations and law, IE University was the perfect fit.

She discovered the opportunity to study a dual degree, the Dual Degree in Laws + International Relations, while balancing her training and competition schedule as an elite athlete. The flexibility of IE University and the support of the IE Sports & Well-being department, allowed Carolina to pursue all three of her passions.

Aiming to represent Spain in the Olympic Games, Carolina is serious about her training. But she’s equally serious about her studies. She’s considering pursuing a master’s degree and is ready to face whatever challenges come her way in the future.

Listen in to hear Carolina talk about her personal, professional and athletic goals.

María Veronica Ramos & María Paula Ramos: Bachelor in Business Administration & Bachelor in Architectural Studies

Sisters María Paula and María Verónica were born in Venezuela and lived in Saudi Arabia and Switzerland before studying at IE University. Though in different programs, they meet up regularly and feel IE University has strengthened their relationship and expanded their personal and professional networks.

In addition to academics, both pursue hobbies through IE University's clubs. María Paula loves art, while María Verónica plays guitar, writes her own songs, and is active in the IE Marketing Club and IE Golf Club, among others.

Both are confident that IE University will prepare them for future career success. María Paula sees herself as an architect in small-scale projects, while María Verónica intends to use her business knowledge in the music industry.

Listen to the podcast to discover more about these ambitious and talented sisters!

Landon Konzen: Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences

Growing up in America, Landon noticed that the global media and political focus was fixed on the US—but wanted to explore his curiosity internationally, which led him to IE University’s Bachelor in Behavior & Social Sciences.

Through its mix of psychology, sociology, anthropology and economics, this program gives him a world of opportunities. And he has taken advantage, from serving as president of the IE SDG Club to studying documentary filmmaking. Landon is taking big strides toward his future goals—one of which is helping the IE Community connect more closely with the general community in Madrid.

Combining his love for books and poetry with behavioral studies, he's gaining new insights into people. In fact, for his capstone project, he’s looking to build awareness about today’s global crises.

Back home, surfing was one of his biggest passions. When Landon isn’t studying, he can be found surfing the streets of Madrid in the only way he can: on his skateboard.

Curious to hear more about Landon’s IE Experience? Listen to his podcast episode now!

Laura Villax: Dual Degree in Philosophy, Politics, Law & Economics and Data & Business Analytics

After growing up in Lisbon in a multicultural household, Laura Villax jumped at the opportunity to study in a new country. And although it has been challenging, she is confident that pursuing her dual degree program was the right choice.

Laura’s diverse array of interests are reflected in her program pick and have been influenced by her father, whom she identifies as her role model. IE University’s international environment and interdisciplinary programs meant that Laura didn’t have to compromise on what she could study. And with an older brother already at the university, she knew that she would enjoy her time here.

Laura knows that a thorough understanding of data will be essential, whatever direction her career takes. And as a member of the IE Women in Business club, Laura has already planted the seeds for a thriving network of colleagues to share ideas and opportunities with.

Outside of her academic interests, she enjoys jogging around Segovia and exploring nature, cooking meals for her friends, reading and writing. Want to hear more? Listen to the podcast now!

Alessandro Franco: Dual Degree in Business Administration & Laws

Alessandro Franco is originally from Italy but has also lived in London and Dubai. He came to IE University to earn his Dual Degree in Business Administration & Laws at the Segovia campus; its cozy atmosphere and close-knit community offer a refreshing change of pace.

Despite its small size, Alessandro loves Segovia’s wealth of historical sites surrounded by stunning natural landscapes. The campus itself is ensconced in an 800-year-old monastery and this space welcomes students of all backgrounds and cultures. Because of this, he feels ready to integrate into whatever environment his future career will involve.

For his dual degree, Alessandro sought disciplines that would be rich enough to offer lifelong learning and engagement—business and law fit the bill perfectly. He’s also a fan of the arts and is especially passionate about the role of music in his life. Currently, he serves as the vice president of the university’s Theater Club.

Looking to the future, Alessandro intends to focus more on the Law side of things and combine this with his passion for theater. Listen to the podcast as he shares more about his experience at IE University and what its diverse environment will mean for his future career.

Abdul Salam: Dual Degree in Business Administration and Data & Business Analytics

Abdul Salam has long fostered dreams of entrepreneurship in the finance sector and knows that the Dual Degree in Business Administration + Data & Business Analytics is the road to getting there. His sustained interest in data forms a key foundation for future success, given the growing importance of data and technology in the finance industry.

In his third year, Abdul took on an internship with IE University’s marketing department because he believes that knowing how to communicate an idea can be just as important as the idea itself. He is currently completing an internship with software company Celonis, working in customer success management.

In this podcast, Abdul talks about why he chose IE University, citing its unparalleled networking opportunities, robust international community and innovative dual degree options. All of this means that students grow both personally and professionally throughout their time here.

Aside from academics, Abdul explains how he became involved in student government and rose up the ranks to his current role as student government president. In his free time, he likes to read, go for a jog or spend some time in the garden. Check out the podcast to hear him tell his story.

Teresa Olombrada: Dual Degree in Laws & International Relations

Teresa Olombrada grew up in Brussels, just steps away from the main institutions of the European Union. And after living and studying in that environment, she grew enchanted with the idea of becoming a diplomat.

For her, IE University’s main points of appeal were the chance to pursue the dual degree she wanted, as well as the opportunity to come back to Segovia and find her roots. Teresa says she chose the program because it strikes the right balance between the study of comparative law and international relations, allowing students to trace the foundations of countries’ policymaking and politics back to their individual approaches to law.

Through her internship with the IE University Athletics department, Teresa undertook a project to promote sports participation among young girls and women in Segovia. She notes that the transition between the classroom and the professional world is a smooth one because of the university’s expert faculty and practical, collaborative approach to learning.

In the podcast, Teresa explains why her philosophy has always been to say yes to every opportunity—from studying abroad in Istanbul to leading the university’s women’s soccer team as captain—and why it’s made her who she is today. 


After spending her whole life in Turkey, Derin Kurultak decided it was time for a change. So she packed her bags and headed to IE University to pursue the Dual Degree in Business Administration and Data & Business Analytics.

Leaving her home city for the tight-knit Segovia community has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for Derin—but that wasn’t her only reason for coming here. The dual degree option meant that she could gain more knowledge and practical experience, graduating as a more well-rounded candidate for job opportunities.

Derin finds that the different and complementary aspects of her dual degree are stimulating, with tasks that appeal to both her desire for creativity as well as her more logical side. What’s more, the diverse student body means that everyday interactions can become opportunities to learn and exchange ideas.

Alongside her studies, Derin is eager to strengthen access to professional opportunities for women. To this end, she is a coordinator for the IE Women in Business Club and president of the IE Girl Up Club. When she needs an escape, Derin turns to playing the piano. Curious to hear more about Derin’s experience? Listen to the podcast now!


Marta García has always loved math, so the Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence was the natural choice for her very structured and logical mind.

The most appealing aspect of the program was the freedom students have to develop their ideas into projects—even startups—and the support IE University offers each step of the way. Marta is a member of the IE Technology and Innovation Club, organizing events and liaising with companies for collaborations. She is also part of the women’s basketball team.

There is always something new every day at the university, from discovering a new culture to making new friends. Marta recalls her experience completing the Econ Datalab as a chance to gain firsthand exposure to a field that interests her as well as to develop new skills that will serve her later in her professional career. Now, she is an intern at Accenture, creating solutions for insurance companies.

For Marta, attending IE University has meant being able to engage with all aspects of her interests—nourishing her mind as well as opening doors for professional fulfillment. Listen to the podcast as Marta shares her story.

Justin Morgan: Bachelor in International Relations

Atlanta-born Justin Morgan is pursuing the Bachelor in International Relations. His reasons for choosing the program align very much with IE University’s own values: he was looking for diversity.

The program itself includes everything Justin is interested in. A fusion of culture, political science and philosophy, he describes it as a perfect fit. But to Justin, the wider experience of university life was just as important to him as the academic offering.

In this podcast, Justin tells us how the difference between the IE University experience and life in a typical American university was a major draw for him. Wanting to study with, and learn from, people with very different viewpoints to his own, he tells us he has found a whole new community in Segovia and taken himself out of what he calls the American “bubble.”

Hear him describe his delight in the enhanced educational experience that such diversity offers, his appreciation for the age and beauty of the Segovia campus, his interest in the wider community and the relationships he has formed with classmates and tutors alike.

Federica Caso: Bachelor in Architectural Studies

A native of the United States with Italian and Venezuelan heritage, Federica Caso has lived in some very different places around the world and has assimilated into many different cultures.

Federica was drawn to art and architecture from a young age. While her parents were both lawyers, her family loved art, and it rubbed off on her. Artistic from the start, as a child she created structures from any materials she could find and was fascinated by the plans her grandfather, an architect, showed her. The possibilities in those plans, and the process of them transforming into our living spaces, hooked her.

It’s fitting, then, that Federica is studying the Bachelor in Design. In this podcast, she explains that she was looking for the most diverse university possible, with the broadest offering. She explains how the business insights that are part of the IE University mindset are not common in art programs, and the diverse fields addressed by the program made it stand out when she researched where to study.

Beyanur Inal: Dual Degree in Business Administration and Laws

Beyzanur Inal knows what it means to have to move away to find peace, stability and a new home. Fleeing political turbulence in her native Turkey and later Senegal, she has made a home in Spain and is studying the Dual Degree in Business Administration and Laws.

Given her background, it’s no surprise that Beyzanur chose the program, as she longs to contribute to a fairer and more peaceful world. She believes she can make a positive impact on society while simultaneously opening new doors for her professional development. Aware of the impact business has on life and society, she chose both IE University and her program as it met both criteria.

In this episode, Beyzanur explains how a full scholarship from the IE Foundation is enabling her to fulfill her academic ambitions and giving her the freedom to make a positive impact even while she studies. A volunteer with both Casa Turca and the UNHCR refugee agency, she’s already carving out her own path, putting the leadership skills she’s learning into practice to help others.



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