Stepping Up | Ghizlane Laaouej at Allen & Overy

We are thrilled to introduce Ghizlane Laaouej, a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) graduate, who will share the fascinating details of her pro bono internship at the renowned international law firm, Allen & Overy, as well as her role as the first pro bono ambassador for Fundación Pro Bono España. Tune in to hear Ghizlane's insights on the invaluable hands-on experience she gained while working in a law firm that is actively involved in social projects. Discover why she believes that IE University's social initiatives make law students highly qualified candidates for pro bono internships. Get ready to gain unique perspectives on pro bono work and learn how law students can make a meaningful impact on society.

Stepping Up | Tomás Navas at Second World Games

Join us for an exciting episode of our podcast! In this edition, we have the pleasure of inviting you to listen to Tomás Navas, a talented student pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems Management. Tomás has recently embarked on an extraordinary journey by securing an internship at Second World Games, a vibrant startup founded by four IE University alumni. Tune in to hear Tomás share his invaluable insights on the essential skills required to thrive in a startup environment, the most fulfilling aspects of his job, and the significance of discovering and pursuing your passion. Don't miss out on this captivating conversation that explores the intersection of business, technology, and personal growth. Get ready to be inspired and gain a unique perspective on the world of startups.

Stepping Up | Maria Fernanda Soto at Frog

Grab your headphones and tune into our next episode of the “Stepping Up” podcast. we are delighted to extend an invitation for you to listen to María Fernanda Soto, a talented student pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Design at IE University. María will share her enriching experience as a visual design intern at the esteemed boutique creative agency, frog. Discover the valuable insights María has gained in her role and how it has provided her with a competitive advantage in a saturated job market. Additionally, hear from frog's Associate Strategy Director as they express their admiration for working with IE University students. Don't miss out on this captivating conversation that delves into the world of visual design, professional growth, and the unique collaboration between IE University and frog. Tune in and be inspired!

Stepping Up | Anisha Kumar at Celonis

Welcome to our latest episode! In this edition, we are excited to introduce Anisha Kumar, who will be sharing her invaluable insights and experiences as an account development associate at Celonis. As a student pursuing a Dual Degree in Business Administration + Laws at IE University, Anisha has found her internship to be a perfect opportunity to apply and practice the skills she has acquired throughout her studies. Join us as Anisha talks about the real-world responsibilities she has taken on, the projects she is involved with, and how this internship has proven to be a mutually beneficial experience for both her and the company. Discover how Anisha's academic knowledge seamlessly merges with practical application, and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of internships in shaping future careers. Get ready to be inspired by Anisha's journey and the transformative power of combining academic learning with real-world experiences.

Stepping Up | Josefina Perez at Neovantas

Get ready to embark on an inspiring journey in our latest podcast episode! We invite you to discover the captivating story of Josefina Pérez, as she takes us through her internship experience as a behavioral science intern at Neovantas, a renowned Spanish consulting company established in 2004. Join Josefina as she applies the principles of behavioral economics to various projects with clients ranging from call centers to insurance companies and banks, aiming to optimize their offerings through subtle yet impactful changes in vocabulary, framing, and processes. This episode will shed light on how the field of behavioral science opens doors to diverse and fascinating career opportunities. Delve into the dynamic and inclusive environment fostered by Neovantas, where interns from different backgrounds contribute and grow alongside IE University's strong academic and international perspectives. Get ready to be inspired by Josefina's journey and gain valuable insights into the exciting world of behavioral science. Tune in and be prepared to expand your horizons!



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