PARIS - Antoine Jaubert at Wavestone

In this episode, we are joined by Antoine Chauvin who put himself on the path to success during his time at IE University studying the Bachelor in International Relations. He couldn’t have found a better program to meet his interests and goals for the future. Antoine has always had an interest in how the world was evolving and knew international relations was the field for him. Tune in to hear about how he immersed himself in what IE University has to offer, how his IE University experience has impacted his career today and where he sees his future going.

LONDON - Stefan Stärtzel at EY

This week, we are joined by Stefan Stärtzel who has long led an international life. Having lived in Germany, the US, Russia, Spain, China, Brazil and now London, where he works as a Climate Risk and Sustainable Finance Manager at EY, Stefan embodies IE University’s international focus. Now he’s graduated with the Bachelor in Business Administration so we thought it was time to find out what he’s been doing since. From his current PhD in climate science and finance to what his plans are for the future, tune in to discover the world according to Stefan.

AMSTERDAM - Bart Friese at PwC

In this episode, we are joined by Bart Friese. Originally from Amsterdam and having studied the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) at IE University, Bart now works as a Senior Consultant at PwC Netherlands. Bart thrives on international experiences and even completed an exchange during his time at IE University. We sat down with Bart to talk about his experiences and where his IE University program has taken him today. He also told us about what success means to him, the top skills required to be a consultant and his plans for the future.

AMSTERDAM - Paulina Samovica at Corsearch

In this episode of Your Own Path, we are joined by Paulina Samovica, a Portuguese former student of the Dual Degree in Laws + International Relations. Paulina now works as a client manager in Amsterdam having taken advantage of the opportunities that came her way at IE University. She came to IE University in search of a challenge and proved that success is so much more than academic and professional achievements; it’s the personal ones too. We caught up with Paulina to hear about what she’s doing now and where she sees her future going.

Madrid - Álvaro Vidal at Bird&Bird

Álvaro has been a qualified lawyer in Spain—where he practices technology law, intellectual property law and data protection law at international law firm Bird & Bird—for almost six years. His day-to-day work as a data protection associate sees Álvaro assisting some of the biggest tech firms in the industry while also hosting data protection seminars at IE University. Reflecting on how the institution’s hands-on approach to learning gave him an edge in the real world, Álvaro notes that being given case scenarios to resolve as part of a group helped him to overcome his shyness and prepare for his current role.

Listen to this episode of Your Own Path to get a closer look at a day in the life of a legal alum.

Madrid - Matteo de Palma at Morningstar

Matteo shares his experience of working in the Madrid office of global credit rating agency DBRS Morningstar. As a credit rating analyst, he creates financial models using various pieces of data in order to assist the lead financial analyst with producing reports. He believes that IE University’s focus on preparing for real-world experiences, as well as its professors’ keen interest in student development, set him up for success in his chosen career.

Tune in to hear all about a day in the life of this credit rating analyst.

London - Laura Jiménez at S&P Global

A credit ratings analyst at international credit rating agency S&P, Laura is tasked with providing future-focused opinions on the likelihood of default of organizations on their debt. She does this by using various financial tools to analyze the macroeconomic environment, the entity’s competitive strengths and its financial position. For Laura, success means putting a lot of effort into getting really good at something you’re passionate about. Listen to this episode of Your Own Path to understand how a commitment to continuous learning, both inside and outside of the office, helps her realize this.

London - Sofia Silva at Public

When Sofia graduated from IE University, she was eager to find a line of work that brought together the worlds of international relations and tech. However, it was challenging to find a position that would speak to both of these interests. Sofia now works at London-based tech company PUBLIC as part of the startup and government challenges team. Her role revolves around bringing open innovation to governments, connecting startups that have developed innovative solutions that can benefit the public sector with local and national authorities. Tune in to hear more about Sofia’s IE Experience, learn about government technology and find out how this successful IE University alum spends her free time.

London - Matheus Paro at Amazon

With work-life balance a top priority, a typical day in the office for the Amazon employee kicks off early and is followed by time spent exercising, socializing with colleagues, reading a good book, playing video games or watching a movie. He explains that his time at IE University ensured that he was prepared for his role, especially as the university’s approach changed his preconceptions about how problems should be solved, opening him up to more dynamic ways of thinking. Tune in to catch up with Matheus, find out more about his role at Amazon and hear his advice for anyone who wants to become a program manager.

London - Orhan Cody at BNP Paribas

Orhan is an analyst for BNP Paribas Real Estate’s International Investment Group in London. In this podcast, he explains the importance of connecting the right people who have the necessary capital to the right project in the most fluid way possible. His advice to anyone who is or is thinking about attending university is to ensure that you take time to explore the things you enjoy in the world and gain practical experience. Tune in to find out more about why Orhan believes this is so critical and to get a glimpse into a day in the life of a London-based real estate analyst.


Tamara Abusara leapt straight from her IE University Bachelor in Business Administration into an internship with Mondelez that evolved into a full-time job. When she found herself with extra time on her hands during the pandemic, Tamara decided to make the most of this unexpected opportunity and founded Baby Pakka, a business focusing on creating baby clothes from sustainable fibers from Peru. Listen now to hear more about Tamara’s journey, her approach to reaching her goals and where she envisions herself in the future.


Upon graduating with his Bachelor in Business Administration, Ahmed Ashraf first joined a graduate scheme and then set off for London to work for a boutique consulting firm. After gaining further experience, Ahmed decided to return to Spain, becoming the Global Program Lead for OnePay at Banco Santander. In this podcast, he delves into what his journey has been like so far and how he defines a successful life.


Iñigo Cavestany works for IBM as a digital advocate, a role he is passionate about because of his love for technology and his drive to share its many benefits with as many people as possible. After completing his Bachelor in Business Administration, Iñigo turned his attention to giving back to his community. In addition to his career at IBM, Iñigo has returned to IE University as a professor and entrepreneurship mentor. Tune in to hear more about his path and advice to ambitious entrepreneurs with a vision.


Bachelor in Business Administration alum Alejandro Sáez decided to strike out on his own by founding eGoGames, a mobile gaming platform. Prior to this adventure, Alejandro was involved in founding both a restaurant and a tech development company, but he now focuses 100% of time and energy on eGoGames. Here, he shares what his experience as CEO of a startup has been like, his approach to collaborating with his team and entrepreneurship as a way of life.

Hamburg - Benjamin, Philipp and Teiko at Cutnut

In this episode, we are joined by Benjamin Ranft, Philipp Nette and Teiko Wilenius, three entrepreneurs who created Cutnut, a software company taking the world by storm. The three former IE University students appeared in 2019’s Forbes 30 under 30 list for European media and marketing, and their company is continuing to grow. Tune in to hear more about their career paths to Cutnut and their experiences studying either the Dual Degree in Business Administration + Laws, or the Bachelor in Business Administration.

Mexico - Bernardo at Quádriga Your Own Path

Meet Bernardo Dillon, CEO of Quádriga in Mexico City and former IE University student of the Bachelor in Business Administration. Bernardo tells us about his experience at IE University, meeting people from around the world and making connections in the business world. He has faced many challenges along the way, making use of the basis of his IE University knowledge to get where he is today. Tune in to hear more about his career path and vision of Quádriga for the future.


Alejandro Astiaso chose IE University for its international atmosphere. He had been educated in international schools, and undertaken internships around the world, before pursuing the Bachelor in Business Administration. He now works as a manager at Didi’s National Fleet, mainly in the vehicle solutions department. Each day is different, but he looks for new business opportunities and improves user experience on the operational side. Tune in to hear more about Alejandro’s entrepreneurial spirit and exciting day-to-day life in a growing company.

New York - Eric at Morgan Stanley

Eric Cuevas, a former Dual Degree Business Administration + Laws student, joins us this week to tell us about his IE University experience. Now working at Morgan Stanley in New York with a focus on equity capital markets, Eric uses the skills and global mindset that he developed at IE University every day. He completed internships from day one at IE University and is thoroughly enjoying his global career. Tune in to hear more about his ethos and what it’s like to work at Morgan Stanley.


In this episode, we join Elliot Roazen, a former Dual Degree in Business Administration + Laws student. The diversity at IE University and the opportunity to learn from people with different mindsets was what brought Elliot to Spain. He has now returned to his hometown, working at Unilever in New York City where he develops digital innovation for self-care brands. Listen in to hear more about Elliot’s “the bigger the challenge, the bigger the reward” philosophy and approach to working in innovation.

Prague - Jasmina at Havas

For Jasmina Orlicka, every day is different. Originally from the Czech Republic, Jasmina currently works at Havas in Prague, a creative agency that manages social media for large companies. She has made every effort to follow her passions and is enjoying working in an agency where she constantly has the opportunity to try new things in such a dynamic industry. Jasmina has lived and studied all over the world, gaining valuable insights along the way and finding her passion.


Originally from Peru, Mickela Vucetich now works as a financial affairs advisor at the United Nations in New York. However, her career path was not a straight line and she previously wanted to be a diplomat. Through her four years at IE University, she completed different internships and got a clearer picture of what her future should look like. IE University appealed to her because of its open mindset and international environment. Listen in to hear more about what it’s like working for the United Nations in New York and how IE University set her up for success.

Dublin - Lukas at LinkedIn

What does success mean to you? For Lukas Macner, it’s about creating a product that people enjoy and making an impact on the world. From his experience at IE University to working for LinkedIn in Dublin, Lukas Macner joins us to talk about how his Bachelor in Business Administration shaped his mindset to prepare him for the world of work. With an ultimate goal of exploring the road of entrepreneurship, Lukas tells us more about working across various departments at LinkedIn.


In this episode, we are joined by Letizia Caprile, a former Bachelor in Architecture student. She has worked around the world and founded her own architecture firm called Kaura Studio. Letizia tells us about how she was pushed to experience different opportunities throughout her degree and how she now uses different disciplines and perspectives to enrich her work. Tune in to hear how she was influenced by IE University’s global vision and her unique, humanistic approach to architecture.


Bolivian Adriana Unzueta studied the Bachelor in Business Administration at IE University, which developed a mindset where she wants to see a world without borders. As such, she now works at Inter-American Development Bank in Washington in the extractive energy division of infrastructure and energy operations. She works on international environmental projects, benefiting from the practical approach at IE University. Tune in to hear about Adriana’s ambitious goals for a sustainable environment and her personal projects with NGOs.


For Ana Martínez Valls, IE University was about growing as a professional and as a person. She got involved with international opportunities and IE University gave her a clearer understanding of what she wanted to do in her career. She now works as a Foreign Associate in International Arbitration at Cleary Gottleib, and at Cuatrecasas in New York. Listen in to hear more about her life defending international companies and her vision for the future.


Philippine Domange’s international experience at IE University has shaped her into the person she is today. From going abroad alone for the first time to now interning at Salesforce’s EMEA Headquarters in Dublin, she uses the skills she learned in her Bachelor in Business Administration every day. Her various internships, along with the support at IE University, have helped craft her wealth of analytical and soft skills, as well as critical thinking. Discover more about how she found her career path, what it’s like to work at Salesforce and her other passions in life.


In this episode of Your Own Path, we are joined by Pablo Jódar. A former Dual Degree in Business Administration + Laws student, Pablo is currently an investor analyst at J.P. Morgan in Geneva. His global career has pushed him out of his comfort zone, developing his global mindset. Constantly on the move, Pablo discusses how IE University encouraged him to try new things, find his passion, and develop his own point of view by thinking critically. Listen in to hear about Pablo’s ambitions for the future in the technological side of the finance sector, and the limitless opportunities that IE University has introduced him to.


Tess de Gregorio’s career started on a completely different path from where she is now. Tess originally wanted to pursue fashion journalism, but now works as an account manager for major clients at Google in New York City. She has persisted with her goals and ambitions since IE University and beyond. At IE University, she particularly enjoyed learning from professionals and gaining her entrepreneurial mindset. Listen in to hear more about her goals for the future, studying abroad, and how she focuses on her ambitions.

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