IEU Challenges & Competitions

At IE University, we are looking for students who are adaptive learners, ready to face unexpected challenges of all types.

IE University is launching a series of challenges and competitions for you to creatively address and develop innovative ideas that could make a difference!

Our IEU Global Challenges & Competitions will give you the opportunity to network and brainstorm with your fellow members all over the world. 

The winners of each challenge will have the opportunity to gain exclusive scholarships to study at IE University*.

Join us on these exciting ventures and become the leader of the future!

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* Scholarships are only applicable after completing successfully our admission process.

International Portfolio Challenge

If you are drawn to design and architecture and you want to set your university application apart, this is the challenge for you! Learn how to put together the perfect portfolio and compete with top likeminded creators from all around the world.

The International Portfolio Challenge is a two-session global competition that will allow you to explore the relevance of the portfolio as a tool for an aspiring designer/architect.

In the first session, the Directors of IE Bachelor in Architectural Studies and the Bachelor in Design will give a workshop on how to create your first portfolio, looking at different examples and providing feedback and insights. After the workshop, you will have two weeks to work on your own portfolio and submit it for phase 2, where the Directors will make a selection and give a full in-depth critique to pick the winner.

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Are you a natural problem-solver? Do you believe in the practical application of mathematical knowledge? Did you realize that mathematics is the key element in many industries? From Netflix’s recommendation engine to Uber’s optimization route engine, the main organizations are using mathematics to create sustainable business models.

If you believe mathematics is a catalyst for innovation, you will be interested in entering this competition. Prepare yourself to solve several real-life problems and do not miss the chance to put your skills to the test.

The Math Challenge is a global competition where students will prove their analytical and critical thinking skills and have the chance to win an exclusive scholarship to study at IE University.


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While Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings infinite opportunities to be used for social good, its use also raises concerns about its impact on fundamental rights like the right to privacy, the freedom of speech, data protection, etc. Governments and policy makers need to promote innovation and embrace technology, but they also must protect the rights of the citizens.

Where is the fair balance between technological development and human rights protection? Should every country have the same approach?

If you are conscientious, have a strong sense of justice and aspire to make an impact in today’s tech-driven society, then this is the challenge for you!

The United Nations International Law Commission is preparing a draft convention to ensure the use of AI technologies effectively safeguards the human rights enshrined in the United Nations human rights conventions. In this simulation exercise, you will craft a proposal representing the interests of an assigned country to reach an agreement on an international convention regulating AI to preserve the rule of law and human rights. 

You will have a first session that will help you understand the intricacies of international law, the future of tech regulation and how to make an impact in the world thru law and a second session where you will develop creative, and critical skills. Finally, you will have to present your draft in a final session where a panel of judges will decide the winners of the challenge. 




If you are passionate about discussing global issues and you love public speaking, then this is the challenge for you! Learn to compose compelling and persuasive arguments in response to the pressing social, economic and environmental issues faced in society today.

The School Debate Challenge comes in a year where preparation for International Debates is essential in Spain, due to the upcoming celebration of the World Universities Debating Championships 2023.

Join us in this global competition that brings together likeminded students from all around the world to debate relevant topics in society today. This is an excellent opportunity to develop rhetoric skills, meet students from other high schools worldwide and gain invaluable communication techniques.


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The Social Movement Challenge: Lessons from Netflix’s Money Heist

Are there deeper lessons to be learned from a series like Money Heist? If you are passionate about social movements and how they are evolving in our society, you will be interested in entering this competition. Prepare to dive into the popular Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) series and do not miss out on this chance to be part of an enlightening experience!

The Money Heist Challenge is a global competition where students will learn from two top IE professors, one from the world of Storytelling and other from the world of Data analytics. Participants will be the investigators in this story. Their task is to draw lessons from Money Heist and apply them to one of the most powerful and impactful social movements of today.

*“Money Heist” is a registered trademark of Netflix. In the challenge, this denomination is included with a purely referential character.

IE has no relationship, nor is it linked in any way with Netflix, nor with the “Money Heist” series. This challenge is only a study of the lessons revealed in “Money Heist” related to social movements.

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The Internet of Things Challenge

Are you passionate about tech in general, and the Internet of Things (IoT) in particular? Join us in this challenge to get a deep understanding about one of the technologies that is revolutionizing the world in the 21st Century!

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? By signing up to this challenge, you will be able to explore an interactive tutorial that will give you all the insights that explain how the IoT is shaping the 4th industrial revolution. Once you have completed the tutorial, you will know:

  • How IoT works
  • What are some of its fields of application
  • What are the benefits and challenges posed by the implementation of the IoT

Moreover, once you have completed the tutorial you will be able to submit an assignment and compete for an exclusive scholarship to attend IE University.

Junior Venture Capitalist Challenge

If you’re interested in the start-up ecosystem and are motivated to learn how start-ups scale, join us in this challenge to understand what makes a start-up worthy of an investment from the Venture Capitalists.

The Junior Venture Capitalist Challenge is a great way to understand the intricacies and working of the VC and Finance ecosystem in the context of start-up and entrepreneurship. Once you have completed the challenge, you will be able to understand how to evaluate a start-up, the tools required to analyze them, and most importantly, experience the life of a VC or an investment associate.

Impacting the World: The SDGs Challenge

If you are interested in gaining knowledge and skills to proactively take informed action and contribute in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations, then this is the challenge for you!

The SDGs Challenge is a global competition to develop creative problem-solving skills by designing innovative solutions to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Students will apply a design-thinking methodology to create impactful projects, learn how to effectively pitch, and present their refined proposal to a panel of judges.