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Aissa Toure

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My name is Aissa Toure and my passion for sustainability started in 2019 at a UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya. I decided to study the Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability at IE University because it’s a comprehensive program that encompasses all my interests, from social sciences and biology to ecology and the connections between human behavior and Earth. I hope to find a role where I can make a tangible difference in our future.

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Aissa Toure - Student Story | IE

"The course is not about memorizing facts, but rather understanding how humans and the environment are interconnected on every level."

Aissa Toure

Using a passion for sustainability to make a tangible impact

The Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability at IE University is a transdisciplinary program designed to give students the tools to drive sustainable change. Combining basic and applied sciences with the skill set needed to develop and implement sustainable environmental solutions, the program was a perfect match for what Aissa Toure was looking for. 

In March of 2019, Aissa attended the fourth session of the  United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA-4) in Nairobi, Kenya at the UN Offices at Nairobi. The overall theme that year was “Innovative Solutions for Environmental Challenges and Sustainable Consumption and Production,” piquing Aissa’s interest in sustainability. After the session, she was looking for a program to future fuel her passion, and the Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability encompassed everything she was interested in: social sciences, biology, ecology, and the interplay between humans and the Earth. What’s more, Aissa believes that in the midst of an ongoing climate crisis, this program is even more relevant and will help her make a tangible difference.

Aissa loves the vibrant sense of community and the networking opportunities on offer at IE University. Struck by the warm and inclusive atmosphere, both from her fellow classmates and her professors, she finds it incredible how quickly she has been able to forge connections that feel like family away from home in just a few short weeks. More than just on campus, Aissa is struck by the IE Community and IE University Alumni network she’s discovering around the city and across the world. She and a classmate were recently out and about and ran into an alum with whom they instantly bonded over shared experiences. 

More than just the community, Aissa is amazed by the networking opportunities at hand. From conferences like the Hay Festival Segovia and workshops to a plethora of other events, Aissa is confident she will make professional connections in a variety of fields no matter what she attends. The combination of the close-knit community and extensive networking resources is what Aissa enjoys most about studying at IE University.

Aissa Toure - Student Story | IEOn top of her studies and attending campus-led events, Aissa is also part of various extracurricular activities. She is the finance officer of the IE Africa Club, and a member of the Sustainable Development Goals Club and the Charity and Social Awareness Society. These clubs give her the opportunity to make an impact on causes she’s passionate about, and she’s looking forward to planning events and diving into these projects during her time in the program.

Currently, Aissa’s favorite subject is Society, Land and Environment. She loves the way the class is structured and enjoys diving into interesting discussions each and every session. For her, the best part is that it’s not about memorizing facts, but rather understanding how humans and the environment are interconnected on every level. Plus, the class provides a unique combination of workshops, field trips and lectures.

As for advice for future Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability students, Aissa would encourage them to remember that they’re not limited to academics or grades. The field is so widely spread that there’s a lot to discover and learn outside the classroom. Participate in school events, talk to teachers and classmates, sign up for volunteer opportunities, engage in clubs aligned with your passions and with the environment and truly experience the program. After all, according to Aissa, these experiences will not only complement your academic journey, but also expand your horizon in the world of work.