“From day one I felt the material and non-material support from the University and can surely call it my second family.”

Alen, Armenia

Bachelor in Philosphy, Politics, Law and Economics

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Alen Tadevosyan

About me

I was born and raised in Yerevan, Armenia. I graduated from the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and I’m now in my final year at IE University. Having spent so much time immersed in the IE community, I feel they’ve become my second family. It’s been my great pleasure to embrace the cultural diversity on campus, and at the same time further shape my own identity.

Alen Tadevosyan, Armenia


Undergraduate student

Alen describes the process of choosing a university as complex. With so many factors to consider and the importance of the choice in shaping a student’s future to bear in mind, the one thing that stood out most about IE University was its “student-centricity.” A university, he says, must prepare students to lay their own path and get them ready for the real world. He believes that what you’re not taught is as relevant as what you’re taught. At no point in his time at IE University has he been encouraged to be somebody he isn’t, a quality in his education that’s clearly important to him. Instead, he asserts that he’s been equipped with the tools he’ll need to succeed, and to do his bit to “make the world a better place.”

Alen’s time at IE University has been spent at both the Segovia and Madrid campuses, and he enjoyed the contrast in atmosphere between the two cities. An active member of several of the many clubs available in the community, both professional and sporting, he says these experiences have been no less valuable than the academic offering. He has learned as much from networking with academics and professionals as he has inside the classroom.

He describes sports as a huge part of his life and identity, and is particularly keen on soccer and Formula 1. He says that the absence of sport from his weekends during the current pandemic has served to reinforce how valuable he regards the opportunities to visit sporting events in person. He’s looking forward hugely to getting back to sporting arenas when it becomes possible.


The holistic development that the personal and professional aspects of the IE University experience provide have been a huge part of the reason Alen has had such a fulfilling time here. He states firmly that without the support of both IE University and the IE Foundation, he would not be where he is today both professionally and personally. He believes the current pandemic has put institutions to the test, and IE University has passed with flying colors, proving the reality behind the community spirit and humanistic approach that underpin the IE University philosophy.

Looking to the future, Alen has big ambitions, and that is one aspect he says hasn’t changed in the last few years—he arrived at IE University with a clear idea of what he wanted to do in his career. Indeed he chose Politics, Law and Economics because it’s specifically designed for the policy-makers of tomorrow. He even offers a light-hearted apology to his classmates for “always being the guy who already had his future planned!”

His commitment to that future has, though, only been strengthened and reinforced by his time at IE University, and he affirms that he stands closer to his goals now than he did before he began the program. Expressing a strong desire to see his home country Armenia at the forefront of the fight for liberties, he adopts a philosophical approach that should serve him well in his endeavors. One should strive to live a life worth living, he advises, and that the key to that is to find meaning. Whether that be personal, familial or professional, Alen believes that meaning is essential to survive and emerge stronger from such challenging times as we’re experiencing now.