“At IE University we have a great sports program, but I believe that with time we can be even better and stand out for our sports element, too.”

Amanda, Spain

Bachelor in Business Administration

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Amanda Montes

About me

I was born and raised in Madrid, and have always wanted to study my university degree in Spain. I attended an international high school, which ultimately led me to IE University. In my free time, I love playing tennis and now represent IE University when I play competitively. I also have an abundant social life. In fact, people often ask me how I manage to do all the things I do, which has made me realize how much I’ve grown personally and mentally during my years at IE University.

Amanda Montes, Spain


Undergraduate student

From the tennis court to the classroom: finding her flow

Amanda is currently in her second year of the Bachelor in Business Administration. IE University was her first and only choice for a variety of reasons. Not least was the fact that she wanted to study in Spain, but she also wanted a similar international atmosphere to the one she’d grown up studying in. As she’s always had an entrepreneurial mindset, Amanda knew she wanted to be a businesswoman, making the Bachelor in Business Administration the perfect program for her in pursuit of her goals.

From her very first day at IE University, Amanda felt positive that she made the right choice. Highlighting the facilities and the campus overall, she feels that the available opportunities for both her social and academic life allow her to grow both personally and professionally. Specifically, she loves how everyone she meets is not only warm and open, but comes from a unique background or culture. In terms of her studies, the professors really push her to learn and implement innovative ideas. Amanda asserts that they provide an unmatched education, with an international approach that she believes drives global opportunities in future.

When Amanda isn’t studying, she is likely playing tennis, which she first got into when she was only five years old. After watching her brother at practice just once, she was hooked. As she started training, Amanda realized that not only did she love playing tennis, she was good at it. So, she began to compete—and win. Her first and only coach, who she’s been training with for 14 years, now owns the club where she trains outside of school. As her uncle also owns a club, Amanda is almost always with a racket in hand.

Amanda joined the IE Tennis Team hoping to help them progress toward higher-scale competitions, while also hoping to help the IEU Athletics community grow overall. She’d love to see Spanish universities take sports more seriously, and feels that she can make a lasting impact on that aim, as the sports programs at IE University are built on such solid foundations.

IEU Athletics has helped Amanda balance her tennis career and her studies in many ways. The university allowed her to connect to classes online while she was away competing in tournaments. Her professors have also been supportive and flexible, one even pushed back an exam so that Amanda could compete in—and win—a tennis final. Juan Barrio, Director of IE University Athletics, helped make it possible for Amanda to represent IE University at the Spanish University Tennis Championship, where she took third place. Although she was the only member of the team representing the university, her top three showing wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the IE Tennis Team and the IEU Athletics department. The team is now training to compete in forthcoming tournaments.

Tennis aside, a typical day for Amanda includes attending classes, completing assignments and spending time with her friends. She’s learned a lot about time management during her time at IE University. To future students, Amanda would recommend that they never stop doing something they enjoy, or indeed that they find difficult, due to circumstances. She’d advise them to keep in mind that there is always time for something you truly want—determination will take you far.