“Studying at IE University has meant a change.”

Ana, Spain

Dual Degree in Business Administration + Laws

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Ana Martínez Valls

About me

It has been a pleasure to receive the IE Student Award, which is given in recognition of all the extracurricular activities I have organized, the initiatives taken and the commitment I've shown throughout my years at university. I founded the Debate Club and represented the university at various international events. I have also worked with lots of start-ups while staying focused on my degree and keeping my grades up. IE University has allowed me to take advantage of many opportunities, allowing me grow as a person and giving me not only an academic education, but an education in life. That was one of the main reasons I chose IE, it steps away from the traditional way of learning.

Ana Martínez Valls, Spain


Undergraduate student

Ana Martínez is a young enthusiastic woman who has shown leadership skills and a global mind-set. She has been engaged in lots of activities, conferences and international events on top of her engagement with her Double Degree in Business Administration and Law at IE University.

Ana’s interview talks about her experience as a winner of the IE Student Award and the different ways in which IEU has helped her to reach her full potential during her time at university. Learn more about her entrepreneurial spirit.

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