Ángela Brito- Student Story Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics | IE University

Ángela Brito

About me

Growing up, I developed a strong passion for STEM. It was clear to me that I wanted to study something in this field at university. When it came time to choose, I was aware of the growing importance of data in society, which is why I chose the Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics. This was the best fit for me to continue developing my quantitative skills while also exploring my growing interest in tech.

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Ángela Brito- Student Story Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics | IE University

"Life is a journey, not a destination."

Ángela Brito

A passion for STEM and business

Ángela knew that she wanted to study a tech-focused degree at a top business school. That’s why she chose IE University and the Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics, as a unique opportunity to build a strong background in STEM while preparing for a career in the business world. At the same time, she knew that IE University offers a wide range of opportunities, from being part of a dynamic student body that has numerous clubs and activities, to attending organized events with important guest speakers from various industries.

What’s more, Ángela was drawn to the high-quality faculty featuring professionals with previous work experience in that domain, something she found to be extremely valuable. Overall, she believes that the main thing that distinguishes IE University from other universities is its global platform. With such a strong international network and top rankings, Ángela is confident that she can go on to secure a job in a global setting.

Up until now, Ángela has been very involved in student life. She joined the 180 Degrees Consulting Club back in September and became a member of its Board of Directors in January. She also joined the IE Women In Business Club, and was recently selected to join their mentorship society. Finally, she is an active member of the IE Tech & Innovation Club, and has recently enrolled in the Marketing & Consumer Insights Lab to explore further career options.

Ángela believes that IE University stands out for its ability to prepare its students to enter the workforce. Its huge variety of clubs allow students to delve into possible career options, while weekly newsletters outline internships and other job prospects. Overall, IE University allows students to truly explore all of their interests while gaining insights and skills for a successful future career.

To develop her skills and profile Ángela interned at UNICEF, where she learned the value and impact of nonprofit work. Today, she is currently working as the international outreach and strategy intern at 180 Degrees Consulting, which has enabled her to continue exploring her interest in consulting.

In the future, Ángela would like to have a global career in the business world, working in an area that she is passionate about and that will allow her to continue to grow. No matter where she ends up working, she is confident that IE University has prepared her for an international future.