Antoine Brimbal - Student Story | IE

Antoine Brimbal

About me

I’m of French and Serbian heritage and am studying the Bachelor in International Relations. When I’m not doing that, I enjoy playing football with my friends, exploring Madrid or doing some work for my own personal ventures. I like to stay busy, and Madrid's vibrant atmosphere allows me to do lots of different things every day.

Antoine Brimbal
Undergraduate student
France / Serbia
Bachelor in International Relations
Antoine Brimbal - Student Story | IE

"Heading into my final year of the Bachelor in International Relations, I can look back and confirm that this was the perfect choice."

Antoine Brimbal

Following lifelong interests and maximizing his IE University experience

Antoine Brimbal’s parents met in extremely challenging circumstances, getting to know each other during the conflict in Kosovo in the later stages of the Yugoslav wars. So it’s perhaps no surprise that he has always immersed himself in the world of politics. From a young age, the principal topic of conversation and the debates he holds with his friends and acquaintances has been politics and conflict.

There was, he says, “never a doubt” that he would pursue the field of international relations when he went into higher education. Now in his final year of the Bachelor in International Relations, he’s very happy to confirm that he made “the perfect choice.” He’s an aspiring conflict journalist and diplomat, and has been surprised by how far the opportunities and expertise the field provides have exceeded his expectations.

Understandably, Antoine cites the subjects that deal directly with conflict, peace and security as his favorite topics within the program. His main interest in the study of the sector has always been global conflicts, foreign policy and terrorism; he names Topics in Foreign Policy, International Relations Theory, International Law and Public Opinion and Political Communication as modules he especially enjoys.

A highlight for Antoine is the fact that the professors have “incredible professional backgrounds” and can “guide any student with advice, opportunities and resources.” He sees this as a privilege because it enables every student within the IE Community to equip themselves with the foundations necessary to succeed in their post-graduate lives.

Antoine Brimbal - Student Story | IEOutside of the classroom, Antoine has immersed himself completely in the IE Experience. The range of resources available to students, as well as the extracurricular activities, clubs, seminars and events is among the very best things about his life at the institution. Having enrolled in numerous clubs, he has certainly made the most of all the opportunities at hand.

For Antoine, the most important opportunity is the IEU Debate Club, of which he’s been a member for three years. Beginning by participating in informal debate and Model United Nations events, he’s now Head Delegate of IE University’s delegation to the Harvard National Model UN in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. He views the clubs and activities as an amazing addition to the program, especially for the academic and professional opportunities they open up. He strongly recommends them to anyone who joins the IE Community.

Antoine also has a word of advice to anybody considering applying for the Bachelor in International Relations. “Be ready to challenge your own opinions and preconceptions.” The beauty he sees in studying his chosen sphere is that it enables students to challenge their own understanding of the world around them. And at IE University, Antoine has certainly done just that.




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