“Since childhood I have always been very curious. I wanted to know where the limit of everything we do was, and I found it in law. I have always believed that the world could be a fairer place. I wanted to become a lawyer because of that; I want to contribute to there being more justice in the world.”

Antonella , Italy

Dual Degree in Business Administration + Laws

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Antonella Carducci

About me

I am very proactive and determined, and I have an entrepreneurial spirit. I love to travel and experience new cultures, play sports and volunteer to help people in need. Since I was a kid, I was instilled with how important it is to be caring and to help those who have less. When I graduate I want to work as a business lawyer and help bring more justice to the world.

Antonella Carducci, Italy


Undergraduate student

There is no limit for this energetic and entrepreneurial IE University law student. At just 19 years old, Antonella already speaks five languages and has traveled around the world to some 26 countries. She’s on track to fulfil her childhood dream of becoming a first-class corporate lawyer.

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