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Anurag Phalke- Student Story Bachelor in Design | IE University

Anurag Phalke

About me

I love the multidisciplinary experience I’ve had at IE University. I’m currently in my fourth year of my design degree, and I’m grateful for the chances I’ve had to get involved in so many different types of activities. From studying Spanish with international friends and playing badminton every Monday to cooking meals with my housemates or photographing every corner of picturesque Segovia, I’ve truly unleashed all of my interests. And I’m inspired by the unique students I meet every day.

Anurag Phalke
Undergraduate student
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Bachelor in Design
Anurag Phalke- Student Story Bachelor in Design | IE University

"I love being able to think outside the box and immerse myself in such an international environment. I’m seeing things in new ways, discovering the unknown and developing the ability to zoom in on problems as I understand things from different perspectives."

Anurag Phalke

Expressing creativity and education through design

As a keen creative, Anurag always knew he wanted to study design—but he was also aware that business would play an important role in any design career. When he discovered IE University’s Bachelor in Design, he was immediately struck by the business-centered approach. Now at the end of his degree, Anurag has developed both personally and professionally, honing his design thinking and practical skills while leaning into different cultures.

Throughout his time at IE University, Anurag took advantage of the institution’s commitment to diversity, expanding his horizons and gaining a holistic education both in and out of the classroom. His time was marked by collaborative projects, hands-on experience from the on-campus Design Studio and the chance to network with students from a range of disciplines. Plus, getting involved in various activities and exploring Segovia with an international group of friends made for an enriching experience.

In his daily life, Anurag was inspired by Segovia’s vast landscape, which he now captures through photography. With an eye for design, he reflects its natural and architectural beauty on his Instagram, which has garnered nearly 2,000 followers. Through playing with lines and color, Anurag turns his lens to picturesque scenes of Spain and beyond.

In his final semester, Anurag has already started using his talent for design to solve real-world problems. His final project, called “Leverage,” has received attention for its smart approach to gaming as a format for subliminal education. Noting the common lack of financial knowledge among adults, Anurag designed the board game to simulate a stock market scenario, which helps players understand how value is affected by external news events. By cultivating financial literacy in a fun, engaging way, Anurag’s project disrupts traditionally restrictive educational game design.

Equipped with practical design skills, a disruptive mindset, and an understanding of the power of diversity, Anurag is certainly one to watch in the future of design and innovation.