“I have always believed that quality education is the key to a brighter future for humankind.”

Bartosz, Poland

Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

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Bartosz Rzycki

About me

I’m a first-year student studying Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at IE University. Ever since I was a child growing up in Poland, I’ve had a passion for both sports and technology. I’d like to combine these two passions to launch a startup that examines sports fan engagement and football tactics using artificial intelligence.

Bartosz Rzycki, Poland


Undergraduate Student

Making an impact through sports and technology

For most of his life, Bartosz spent much of his time playing football, even working his way up to a national level in Poland. He spent countless hours training, analyzing tactics and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but there was something on his mind. The conditions in his club and in the Polish sports industry in general were lacking and there weren’t many opportunities for younger generations. Believing that quality education is the key to progress, he decided to dedicate his time to advocating for access to better education for children.

He established non-profit organizations and worked with the European Parliament, the President of Poland and the former Prime Minister, Jerzy Buzek, to promote youth representation within the European Union’s offices. He was also recognized as a laureate of the “Road to Harvard” competition, an award presented to promising new talent by the Harvard University Club of Poland.

During his gap year, Bartosz was drawn towards the technology and business sector, working for MIT University start-up accelerator on scaling up businesses and as an analyst in Venture Capital. He also gained experience with venture capital investors and worked on a EdTech startup that has been called the “Polish alternative to Microsoft and Google.” With this experience, he was able to begin exploring programming, computer science and artificial intelligence, further feeding an interest that would lead him to IE University.bartosz

Although Bartosz lived in Poland his entire life, he always knew that he wanted to study abroad. He wanted to interact with students from different cultures, countries, continents, and religions. The Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at IE University combined his passion for technology with the desire for a true multicultural academic experience. The prospect of learning and exploring AI by working on practical projects like the final capstone project intrigued him and he made the decision to join IE University and move to Segovia.

Bartosz has made the most of his time at the Segovia campus, enjoying the nice weather, the beautiful scenery, the short commute to classes, and most of all, the collaborative environment within the student body. The COVID-19 pandemic thankfully hasn’t interfered with his university experience, with courses continuing to take place through a combination of online and in-person classes.