“What I love most about my degree is how innovative it is. As the world experiences these new trends, here at IE University we are thoroughly investigating them.”

Camila, Argentina

Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics

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Camila Barbagallo

About me

Choosing to come to Spain and study at IE University has been one of my best decisions. For most of my life, I have attended an international school and I love how IE University and its Segovia campus embraces its international student body. The campus acts as a hub for different ideas and perspectives and I thrive thanks to my peers. By pursuing a Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics, I have been able to take my love for business and entrepreneurship and take it to a new level. I know that I will be able to take on any challenge that may come my way!

Camila Barbagallo, Argentina


University student

Camila came to IE University to pursue a Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics, a degree that is currently in high demand. Whether she is coming up with conclusions from data points or investigating the latest trends, this young entrepreneur is making the most of her time at IE University, whether it be taking in Segovia’s natural beauty or continuing to dive into her passion for math and coding.

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