Don’t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he wanted...He lived happily ever after.

Carlos Rafael, Spain

Dual Degree in Politics, Law & Economics + Data & Business Analytics

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Carlos Rafael González Soffner

About me

My name’s Carlos Rafael González Soffner and I’m half Spanish, half Dutch. I’ve always been passionate about mathematics and statistics. In fact, when I was in school, I used to make rankings and statistics about everything: from TV shows and music to random things at my house—I was super curious about discovering weird and interesting patterns all around me. At IE University, I wanted to study something that allowed me to mix my love for statistics with my interest in economics and politics. When I discovered the Dual Degree in Politcs, Law & Economics + Data & Business Analytics, I felt like I had found a treasure. In the long run, I’m going to use this experience to change society.

Carlos Rafael González Soffner, Spain


Undergraduate student

Using statistics to change the world

Born and raised in Madrid, Carlos Rafael González Soffner is a passionate and driven student in the Dual Degree in Politics, Law & Economics + Data & Business Analytics. When looking for a program, he wanted to combine his love for statistics with his interest in economics and politics—which he found quite difficult. When he discovered this dual degree at IE University, it was love at first sight.

Carlos is now finishing his first year in the program, and his favorite part of it is the diversity. Since he’s never lived outside of Spain, he feels as though he’s lived in a bubble up until now. Another aspect of the program he loves is its interdisciplinary approach, bringing together many areas of study into a single dual degree. Finally, he highlights that the professors are fantastic, and it’s very helpful that they use practical and personal teaching methodologies.


Outside the classroom, Carlos is involved in Eco Club Segovia, where he gets to channel his passion for environmentalism into initiatives designed to fight climate change. He is also collaborating with other clubs and heading initiatives to make the university itself more sustainable. In his free time, you can also catch Carlos baking, watching Eurovision, exploring new places and crunching numbers for fun.

He also appreciates that the IE University faculty is always eager to help with students’ personal projects. He says that the wide variety of labs available gives students real-world experiences that other institutions don’t offer.

As for the future, Carlos isn’t yet sure where he wants to go professionally, but he does know he wants to make the world a better place. At the end of the day, Carlos draws inspiration from a quote in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: “Don’t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he wanted...He lived happily ever after.” Whether it be transitioning society to a circular economy or defending civil liberties, this bright young student is determined to follow his dreams.