The highlight of this degree is that our professors do not only teach, they are also leaders in the workforce; they share their first-hand experiences with us, which in turn helps us become more successful.

Catharina, Brazil

Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media

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Catharina Doria

About me

I speak four languages: German, Portuguese, English, and Spanish; I love communicating with people. I’m fascinated by how diverse means of communication connect people both emotionally and politically. In Brazil I worked on a campaign to stop violence against women and created an app to track harassment happening in the streets. When looking for an innovative program in communication, I was drawn to the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media at IE University. Learning from experts in the field in an international setting has been an amazing experience.

Catharina Doria, Brazil


Undergraduate student

“For me, speaking in public and voicing my opinion has always been a part of who I am both professionally and personally.”

Catharina has taken advantage of the diverse activities, clubs, and events offered at IE University to focus on her passion for communication. She is involved in the Communication Committee for Student Government and the Start-Up Lab; she is also a member of the Innovation Fellows Program at Stanford University, and was selected to participate in the 5th Crowdsourcing Global Conference in Washington, D.C. through the 25 Under 25 Young Achievers Program, gaining hands-on experience in the field while in her second year at IE University.

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