“I just believe we need to have a mission in life and take decisions that are aligned with who we are.”

Chaymae, Morocco

Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics

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Chaymae Mesbahi

About me

Originally, I am from Morocco, but I have lived in the US, the Netherlands and Denmark, so all of these places sort of influenced the person I have become today, and have been considered home at different times.

I am passionate about arts, ceramics and design. I love animals and in particular horses, as I’ve been practicing horseback riding for over nine years. I like traveling around and learning about other people. In my free time, I like to read, listen to podcasts, paint, or just reflect and write in my journal.

Chaymae Mesbahi, Morocco


Undergraduate student

Diversity, connections and the need for a mission in life

Chaymae chose IE University because she loved what it stands for, describing it as “a unique university” and “a very American-like college experience in Europe.” She particularly appreciates the diversity of people and viewpoints, the fact that programs are taught in English, and the ability to choose some electives. She feels that the latter has enabled her to own her university experience and tailor it to her own needs and interests.

In addition to her studies, Chaymae is involved with several extracurricular activities, including the Arts Club and the Finance and Capital Markets Club. She is especially happy to be part of the Venture Lab and Venture Network, as these are at the heart of the start-up ecosystem in Spain. All the clubs and activities in which she participates have taught her a lot about real life and enabled her to meet lots of new people. On a typical day, after classes are done, she likes to connect with friends over dinner or drinks, or simply spend time in nature.

Looking to the future, Chaymae would like to have a job she is passionate about, as well as a side project which holds meaning and provides value to people. She feels that IE University offers plenty of opportunities to gain professional experience—the important thing, she feels, is to be curious and to seize these opportunities when they come your way. “The worst thing one can do,” she says, “is not to try, to be aware of what one wants and not give in to it.”